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I’m gonna be a bit offtopic just for this time since some talked about the system in this thread. IMO it works well the way it is.

First. DAZ and the new products which are… worse? really? IMO they’re not as bad as some of you said (I admit that some yes, ok) but we have grown up over these years and things we use to think “WOAH, mindblowing” nowadays are “ok, not bad”. That’s the real problem too. Just look at figure from G2 or “Elite textures”.

For example why do I need more female or male figures -which most claim as ZBrush carefully sculpted are not sculpted, are modified morphs- if I already own Reallusion Character Creator which gives me way more realistic and quality figures. Why do I need these nature environments if I have an entire suite of trees, grass, etc. that I can place my self in other 3D software?. Why I need to pay 30$ for things Quixel Megascans are giving me for free and if way better built package? I can continue like this all day.

Daz needs to do some heavy fixings with their policy if they want to survive the next 3D years. And more with the AI coming soon or the Metahuman in the future to name a few…

The daily releases could be worth some years ago but with all non-Daz solutions around there… camon. They’re slowly killing theirselves forcing vendors to release daily with so much lack of QC. IMO they should do 2 bundles per month and probably 20 items per week. This way they will win more $ as people will buy them, there will me a higher QC too, etc. but they’re too greedy to do this. We will see…

Second. As @warrant63 said (which totally agree with him in ALL points) posting a private share after a week will give you “problems” in the future. Some items I filled were posted 4 hours after in the blog and I was like WTF. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care since people should sign a paper where it says, “If filled, privately shared, etc. after a X times will be posted in the blog”. Probably the idea of an specific person doing the uploads could be good to avoid versus between uploaders/buyers and requesters. I don’t know…

And with this …welll… we could talk too about the “leaking” from other places of Daz/non-Daz here making people in other places mad as hell.

One case (won’t tell names) happened in a very known CG Pirate forum where the cracker got mad with this site and “punished” the release of some cracked software with a delay of 8 months before the actual release cause some user here posted it without crediting him and the cracker already saying to “please, don’t put this in other places till I fix blablabla”. Bang.

This also extends to private Daz websites where new stuff is bought or groupbuyed and it leaks here, etc. Which as we know, there are more places outta there.

Third. Friend requesting… for points????. Well, I’ve sent friend requests not for point earn or anything, if I want points I will buy a bundle, fill it and that’s all… I’ve sent friends request cause there were users I use to talk with them more, chat, etc. The thinking of “ei, I want to be your friend cause more points this way or free stuff” is crazy to me :S.

Fourth. Items holding and points greeder. I’ve seen sometimes where I know the fact that the item or bundle was purchased and buyer/s on purpose increase the points theirselves in the thread making it bumpy and people to put more to the pot just for… more points. This is ok but when the item is not purchased and it’s a leak from other private sites it’s a bit… non-ethical?

About the first situation… nothing against this but points are points. Having 10000000000000000K points won’t make you get anything in special if you want something in specific which is not in the “wild”. IMO some people threat points as the holy grail where the holy grail in this place are the contacts you make in the long time and the friendships (period). 🙂

Fifth. More sharing is needed: In my case I admit it. GUILTY. I shared way more in the past and before my HDD decided to stop working and now from time to time stuff I think cool enough I personally buy, I use to send to other people and they post it in the blog since I’m lazy as hell for uploads… and to be fair I never wanted credits for anything 3D related and more because my job,.

Funny thing is that some Kitbash3D, Flippednormals and LearnSquared recent purchases I did with my own money (that were uploaded by me on another site), the next day appeared in the blog but well, I don’t care but still is funny since I was going to upload them here lol. Somehow ended here and I’m happy so np.

There is also the thing that some items get filled so fast that I don’t know why I’m buying them (some, not all!) except cause I’d want the updates of that product (you can’t believe how many Daz products get updated per day, a lot and how many updated products we’re losing but this is common). Probably I should start sharing publicly again here soon but I use to buy products from months ago cause sales, etc. so the chance they’re not already here are low. Still I try to contribute the best way I can.

In a nutshell. IMO Daz is doing the things very very bad and not thinking neither the future neither their competitors, the threatment to the creators well… you all know how it is but this place is wonderful and it works pretty good.

Sorry for the long post. :D.


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