About ZoneGFX

Welcome to ZoneGFX!
Our community is devoted to the sharing of resources among our members, and we encourage you to join in and feel at home. We have groups you can join that cover tips and tricks from our community and an Art showcase where you can amaze us with your digital creations!
If you wish to share items that are not already here on ZoneGFX this process is a simple one and is covered in the sections below –

– How do I upload items? – The Preferred Method!
– What format should my uploads take?
– How do I post items? – A quick guide.

We operate a points based system for downloads, and you can earn points each time a member downloads one of the items you have previously uploaded.

– Please see ’How do I get Points?’ below for additional information.
Because we are an open site, anyone is free to join and contribute to our continued growth.

With this we have to expect and accept certain things.
– If a member wishes an item to remain private that is their right. Please see the section ’Sharing Items’ below.
– It is to be expected that items posted here on ZoneGFX may appear on other sites shortly after they appear here.
– Unfortunately, This is unavoidable due to our site's open nature, and we ask for your understanding in this matter.
We do appreciate the efforts our members go to to make the site a better place, and respectfully ask that we each remember to treat each other with respect.

Rules and Guidelines

While we strive to promote a user friendly community for all of our members, we respectfully ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.
Regarding our members:
– Please respect other members and do not abuse or harass them.
– Keep all comments, posts and remarks free of racial or sexual abuse.
– Never ask for personal details such as Age, Sex or Location (ASL).
– Never post your email address or other contact details including mobile numbers.

Regarding our forums:

– Please do not spam any of the forums with repeated posts.
– If you need to respond, do so on the original thread where possible.
– Ensure that you use the relevant forum for your discussion, inquiry or request.
Regarding the Posting of Free Items:
– Please DO NOT post products into the normal blog which are free to download elsewhere from another source.
– If you do wish to post such items, please post them in the ‘Free Resources’ section.
– Items found to be in violation of this rule will be removed without notice once discovered or reported.
– If your items fall under this rule you will be given the opportunity to post them in the ‘Free Resources’ section.
– If you choose not to then we invite any of our members to do so.

Regarding Download link expiration:

– After 30 days the download link will not show up, Your have to open link again using point.

Adult Images and ZoneGFX

First and foremost, this is a public site. Please do not include Adult images in any of your posts in the forums with the exception of the ’Art Showcase’ forum (See below*)
– If you submit art to our ’Art Showcase’ forum it must not contain any of the following subjects:
Gore, Nudity*, Peril, Racial Themes, Sexual Themes, Under Age Characters, Vore.
*While ’Artistic’ nudity is permissible, it is requested that once you have your imgur or pximg link for your image, you first run that link through https://bitly.com/
This service is a url shortener and as such any ’Artistic’ imagery you wish to post will not automatically be displayed.
The viewer need only click the link generated to view the image.
(You are free to use a url shortener service of your choosing).
Images which do not comply to these guidelines will be taken down without notice.
We thank you for your understanding.

Membership and Renewing your Account

Membership to ZoneGFX is free and while you are asked to renew your account once per year, this is a simple process and your account details including your points total will remain unaffected. There are no fees involved and you will not be asked for any details after registration.
To renew your membership once you have received an email from ZoneGFX simply click on the following at the top of any page: Community>Membership Levels>Renew, and that’s it! All done for another year!

How do I get Points?

In order to use ZoneGFX to it’s fullest, you will need points.
There are a number of ways in which you can earn points!
– You should have received your first points just for joining!
– You will also get points just for visiting ZoneGFX each day!
– Each time someone downloads something you’ve posted, you’ll earn even more points!

Take part in our community and join in!
– You can earn points by taking part in Art Competitions!
– (https://zonegfx.com/forums/forum/art-competition/)
– The more items you upload the more points you will earn!
– Fulfill members requests if you can and don’t forget to claim any bounties offered!

The ’Get Points’ feature:

You may have noticed that on the homepage you have the option to ’Get Points’.
– This is a payment only option which utilizes either Paypal, Bitcoin, Or Local Payment*.
– The actual amount of points versus the cost may fluctuate from time to time.
– The function may also be temporarily disabled from time to time.
*Either payment option is acceptable. Bitcoin is preferred as this helps keep the site ad-free.
Points can be earned in other ways too, feel free to explore the site and discover these options!

How do I get a points refund?

From time to time you may wish to download something from one of our members only to find that after you’ve clicked the button for a download link, that the links are dead. Here are the steps to help resolve this occurrence.
– In the first instance we ask that you contact the member that uploaded the product and ask for an updated link.
– If they cannot or will not supply a new link, please contact our Admin or one of our Moderators for assistance*
– If a link cannot be replaced then you are eligible for a points refund equal to the points you originally paid.
– Refundable points will be drawn from the original posters point total by our site Admin and transferred to your account.
Please note that due to everyone being in different time zones, there may be a short delay for any applicable refund(s).
*For details of who to contact, please see the ’Need Help?’ section of this FAQ.

How do I find Items

Searching for something on ZoneGFX may seem a little daunting at first glance.
We have three basic search abilities, the Forum search, the Blog search and the Blog Button.
The Forum search:
– Using keywords you can search for anything related to topics posted within the various forums.
The Blog search:
– Simply enter the title or SKU number of the item you are looking for, and hit search!
– Results may vary depending upon the accurate completion of the information for posted items.

The Blog Button:
Sometimes you may not be able to get online to see what has been posted recently on ZoneGFX.
This is where the ’Blog’ button comes in!
– Click the button and you will be taken to pages containing our entire back catalogue.
– This is displayed in chronological order, newest to old.
– Simply hover your mouse pointer over the button and you will see a dropdown menu appear.
– This menu contains shortcuts to the various categories of products here on ZoneGFX.
– Again these contents are displayed in chronological order, newest to old.

The Favorites function

If you don’t have enough points to make the purchases you’d like to, and don’t want to lose track of the items you like, then this is where the ’Favorites’ function can be a life-saver. At the bottom of each post is the ’Favorites’ button, simply click this and the page you’re currently on will be saved to your own ’Favorites’ page. This page can be accessed from the homepage and is located at the top of the page.

How do I upload items? – Preferred File hosts!

Before you post an item here on ZoneGFX you will first need to upload your file(s) to a file host.
While you are free to use the host of your choice, there are a number of preferred file hosts*
An overview of preferred file hosts:
– MEGA – 15GB free storage and requires a vaild email address (https://mega.nz/#start).
– Mediafire – 10GB free storage and requires a valid email address (https://www.mediafire.com/).
– Google Drive – 15GB storage (Accessed via your gmail account).
Other possible file hosts include: Cloud.mail.ru, DropBox, OneDrive, Box.
*Please note that if you upload via a none listed file host your post may get deleted !!!!

What format should my uploads take?

It is preferred that any files you wish to post here on ZoneGFX are not modified in any way.
The files should be in the same condition as when originally purchased.
Things to include in your upload:
– A link to the products origin page (Daz/Rendo etc).
– Any promo images associated with the product.

How do I post items? – A quick guide

The Etiquette of Posting Items:
When it comes to posting your items here on ZoneGFX we’re sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if another user posted the same item as you at a later date, or even an individual item from one of the bundles you may post.
Therefore we respectfully ask that you always check to see if the item you wish to post is not already on ZoneGFX either singly or as part of a larger bundle.
Posts created without due care and attention will be subject to modification or deletion as required.
To post an item you start by clicking the ’Add Post’ link at the top of the home page.
(Before you begin this process however, please take the time to do a search of the site to ensure you do not create a duplicate post!)
There now follows a step-by-step guide to posting your item(s).
Step 1:
– Always copy/paste the required information directly from the products source.
– Provide a name for the post, preferably the products original name.
– Please select the most appropriate category for your post from the dropdown menu.
– Provide an image for your post using the following image host (https://postimages.org/web)
– Use the Direct Link button to copy your image from Postimage.
Step 2:
– Use the fields provided to indicate if another product is required by entering it’s name there.
– Provide a link to the required item here on ZoneGFX and not an external source.
– If the required item is not here on the site, feel free to upload it yourself!
– Enter some details of the product. These can be copy/pasted from the original source.
– All uploads should state if a ‘Serial Code/Number’ is required and if the product has been ‘Cracked’.
– Posted Bundles should contain a full list of their contents.
– This will aid in searches to avoid duplicate posts being made, and make the items easier to find.
– Enter any number of ’tags’ in the required field to aid with searches.
– Enter details such as the Artist/Vendor name and the product’s SKU number.
– Enter details such as Compatible Software, DazStudio/Poser etc.
– Enter details for the File Format of your upload (see below):
— DIM (Original Vendor files), Custom DIM – (Files converted to DIM Format)
— .exe file,
— [UNPACKED] – (An extracted .exe)
— [REPACK] – (Taken from your own Runtime)
– Enter details of which Base Figure lines are required for the product.
Step 3:
– Provide a copy/pasted link to the original product source for reference (DAZ3D, Rendo etc).
– The Single Link field is where you paste your download link.
– The Multiple Link field is intended for any links you may use as a download mirror.
– For Bundles or Multi-part posts, see below.

Posting Bundles or Multi-part posts?

MEGA allows the sharing of entire folders at a time!
– You can upload your individual items to a folder you create on your MEGA account.
– A link to this ‘Root Folder’ is the only link you would need to post.
– Simply supply a link to that folder instead of the individual items.
– This is a great way to post those larger bundles if uploading an entire bundle is troublesome.
– This also makes it easier to edit individual files if needed.
– This will also help those who have lower or limited bandwidth or download speeds.
– This also allows for those who only wish to download a single item from the bundle to do so.
– Having a MEGA account is one way to avoid this issue altogether!
Additional Notes regarding the posting of Bundles:
– Bundles must not contain content which had previously been posted here on ZoneGFX!
– Bundles will only be accepted if they are adding ‘NEW’ content to the site.
– Bundles which ignore this rule will not be authorized and deleted without notice.
– Any additional ‘NEW’ content should be posted seperately as an entirely new post.
– Only the individual who posts a Bundle retains the right to post the files individually.
– Any upload of these individual files by another member will be deleted without notice.

What Category do I choose for items I wish to post?

While most of the Categories speak for themselves, occassionally an item does end up in the wrong Category.
These guidelines should give you a clearer picture of what belongs where.

– Any creature found in modern day nature.
Animation & Poses
– Aniblocks, Expression Packs, Pose Packs.
– Whether it’s an official Bundle or one you’ve made yourself, it goes here.
Clothing & Accessories
– Anything a character can wear: Clothing, Hats, Footwear, Jewelry, Spectacles and Texture Packs for Clothing etc.
– Any creature not found in nature including but not limited to; Aliens, Demons, Dinosaurs, Fantasy Races, Monsters.
– Androids, Automatons, Cyborgs, Droids and Robots belong here. (Non-Human Toons belong in the Toon Category) .
Environments & Props
– All Scenery large or small. Any prop that a character does not wear! (Carpets, Furniture, Guitars, Plants, TV’s etc).
– Be it long, short, pony-tailed or ginger! Anything that makes people hairy goes here.
– Models designed for any generation of figure based upon real world peoples.
Tools & plugins
– Things that can modify your workflow. Convertors, Scripts and other 3D Programs etc.
– Anything that has been ’toonified’. This can cover all of the above categories, but for Toons only!
Utilities & Resources
– Things to enhance your workflow. HDRI, Lighting, Merchant Resources, Morphs, Shaders, Tutorials.
– As the movie suggests, ’Trains, Planes & Automobiles’. In fact, any kind of vehicle. Even spaceships!

Requesting Items

Our members are free to use the ’Requests’ page to ask other members if they have items they have been searching for, and if they are willing to share them. Here are some tips to bear in mind
– Requests can be kept simple or you can offer up a points reward for a successful share.
– Please keep your offer of points reasonable so most if not all members can afford them.
– When requesting items please provide link(s) to the original source(s) for product identification.
– You may ’request’ multiple items on a single list as this often saves time.

What to do when a request is fulfilled?
If you have made a request and it has been kindly filled by another member, please consider doing the following.
– Transfer the right amount of points as soon as you receive a pm from the poster.
– Please close the original post with your thanks to the person who was kind enough to share the item.
– Let Tomsk know the request has been fulfilled by adding a tag* to Tomsk so he may delete the post.
– Doing so will earn you 100 points for your gratitude and consideration.
*To tag another member simply place a @ before the name of the person you wish to tag. They will then receive a notification that they have been mentioned, and can check out what you wanted to draw their attention to.
Upon filling a request for another member.
– As members should not have to pay additional points to download the item after paying for the original request.
– It is asked as a courtesy that you PM a download link of the item to the member that originally made the request.

Sharing items

From time to time some members may request that an item they are willing to share, not be posted here on ZoneGFX or elsewhere. Whilst these private shares are allowable, members are encouraged to keep the majority of their uploads public for the benefit of everyone. If you are part of a private share however, please respect the wishes of the sharing member.

Using External Links

Quite often you may find you will have to use an external link to another site within your post. Whether this is to aid with the identification of a request, or simply to identify a product, there are certain guidelines that we ask you adhere to.
When using a link to an external site –
– To aid in a request, use only official site links (DAZ, Rendo etc).
– To an image for identification, please ensure that it conforms to our Adult Images policy.
– Please only use offical vendor sites and not other 3rd party download sites.
– Please do not include links to adult or other 18+ sites.
– Please do not include links to facebook, twitter, Deviant Art or other private links.

Free Resources

The Free Resources section is devoted to any items our members wish to share freely within our community.
So how do you go about offering an item up to our community?
The process is similar to making a post on the site in the normal way with slight differences, here are the guidelines.
IMPORTANT! – Please ensure that all relevant files are left intact and unmodified in their original format.
– Posting an item in Free Resources
Supply the accurate name for the item, copy/pasted from the original source
Provide a link to the item(s), copy/pasted from its original source (Daz3D, Renderosity etc).
Provide a download link for the item, preferably from a MEGA* account. Please ensure the link includes a key.
There is no need to post an image of the item in the section along with the freebie itself, it’s source link will suffice.
Please note that to avoid any abuse of the Free Resources our members donate, any items that you wish to post which are already included within the Free Resources section will not be approved for posting. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we respectfully ask that you take a moment or two to check the Free Resources section before continuing with the posting process.
*Although you are free to use a file host of your choice, MEGA does provide the user with the most storage (50Gb).

Points Transfers over your daily limit

Each day you have the ability to freely transfer up to 300 points to other members.
Points values higher than this need to be made by the site Admin, Hunter. Simply send a PM with the details and it will be taken care of. Please ensure you use the correct spelling of the recipient’s name, otherwise the points may not be able to be transferred on your behalf.

Dead Links and Duplicate Posts

On the subject of replacing Dead Files.
From time to time we are informed of Dead Links to some of the posts here on ZoneGFX, and while we endeavor to obtain new working link(s), this may not always be possible.
Dead links may be reported in the following ways:
– Dead Links can be reported using the ’Report Dead Link or Spam’ button found at the bottom of each post.
– You may if you wish report such instances to the following forum:
Reporting Dead Links and Duplicate Posts
Upon Receiving a Report
We would like to do our best to maintain an active database of products for our members, therefore once we have received a report of a Dead Link or Duplicate Post we will take the following action.
– Initially a message will be sent requesting an updated link for the post(s) concerned.
– After a period of seven (7) days if we have had no reply we will delete the post concerned.
– If we can obtain the files ourselves we will open them up for our members to post on our behalf.
– If we cannot obtain the files ourselves, we will ask our members if one of them can post them.
– Duplicate posts will be deleted with the first/original post being left in place.
Replacement files would be offered to our members for posting via the following thread:
Volunteer’s Needed! (https://zonegfx.com/forums/topic/volunteers-needed/?view=all)
Also if anyone want to provide a working link for a dead post, Just click report button and select provide a working link
and put a working link there.

Need Help?

If you find that you have questions not covered by this FAQ, feel free to ask our community using the General Chat forum.
If you have an issue that the community at large may not be able to help with, you can always PM one of our staff.
Hunter – Site Admin
– Generally anything and everything to do with the site.
Monk – ”Posts” Moderator
– The authorization, update, modification, movement and deletion of uploaded product posts.
– Duplicate posts will be dealt with as they are discovered. Please feel free to notify Monk of any that you find.
– Missing images from posts can be replaced if you supply a ’PXIMG’ link to the required image.
AnjaBear – ”Forum” Moderator
– The update, modification, movement and deletion* of forum posts.
– Completed requests will be deleted as necessary and without notification.
*From time to time some older posts that are deemed no longer active will be deleted to help reduce our database size.


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