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As moderator of the REQUESTS thread, I put those there for a very simple reason…

(LOTS OF POINTS) = One full page of point offers, around or beyond 10K Points.
(TONS OF POINTS) = 4-5+ pages of point offers exceeding 30K or more.

I have been doing this for a VERY VERY LONG TIME and have seen that those things with “(LOTS OF POINTS) on the start of the post, get many more people involved and they get FILLED quite fast.

I only put (TONS OF POINTS) when we have had things like MEGA Bundles where a minimum of 2000 Points has been set by the requestor and one page brings the totals up to 30K or more.

The only MEGA BUNDLE to this date that has NOT BEEN FILLED (is a shocking FEMALE BUNDLE).

The community has deemed the last FEMALE BUNDLE to be overpriced and no one wants to buy and share it.

Otherwise, my methodology has worked out great for all of us.

I find that the people who complain the most about this system don’t even participate in the Requests – only bitch and gripe.

That annoys me to no end.

I spend at least 8 hours a day if not more in and out of ZoneGFX trying to keep things clean and running smoothly, and I do it entirely VOLUNTARILY, no one pays me to do this and aside from offering and sharing things, I’m no different from any other user here, except that I am a Moderator.

Everything that Monk and I do, is to keep this site clean and alive. If you have problems with that, feel free to go to another site and scream at them.


@Hunter @eelgoo


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