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  • Preface: Not trying to start drama, not looking to slag off one of the major hubs of quality Daz-compatible stuff, please take this in the spirit of (admittedly nosy) curiosity with which I intend it.

    So, every now and then, creators (such as RenderFem or RecieCup and probably a few more besides) seem to have all their stuff scrubbed HARD off of Renderosity and every now and then I’ll see someone talking about how they don’t want to work with the folks at Rendo again.

    And that’s to say nothing of some relatively current (e.g. dforce-compliant clothes for Genesis 8 figures) products going “unavailable”.

    Anyone with their ears to the ground have any insight to offer there?

    Again, not trying to sling mud (I know this is the internet and text is not a great conveyor of tone, which is why I’m banging on about this), just wanting to know if anyone knows what’s up there.



    Renderosity is owned by Bondware – the company that now owns POSER.

    They are purging Daz related items in lieu of the LaFemme and L’Homme line of figures from what I have seen and heard. Not 100% certain if this is true, but apparently they want to have Poser ONLY products eventually in the Renderosity store, and eliminate dForce (which is Daz only) and Iray which again is Daz only.

    They are cutting their nose off to spite their own face. But hey, in my opinion Poser stagnated untouched and un-updated for more than 7 years, and now is being picked up by Bondware still thinking that Poser is better than Daz Studio and Daz’s Genesis figures. And that is just delusional. But Renderosity is Bondware and Bondware is Rosity – and well we will see where their delusional thinking will take them.

    They know that vendors who were never good enough for Daz3D won’t have any place to go, and are banking on those vendors being desperate enough to downgrade their Daz effective products to crappy Poser inferior ones because they have no where to go sell their wares.

    That will eventually change as new options are coming up on the horizon for vendors supporting Daz characters who don’t need to be on Daz itself to survive.

    Let’s see what they are plotting here. And see if my hunches are correct.


    Aaaaaah. That WOULD make some sense. Trying to force a return on their investment instead of doing what I would imagine would be the clever thing and have two revenue streams. Of course, to do that they’d probably have to start offering better deals or money to vendors to incentivize going with LaFemme/L’Homme instead of keeping with the Genesis line and.

    Yeah, no, that all makes sense.

    Though I might not go so far as to say some of the vendors who got purged weren’t good enough for Daz. Maybe Daz didn’t take them, but I am heartbroken that I can’t find a place to legitimately purchase some of RecieCup’s models because she did some amazing work.

    Still, it all sounds pretty reasonable. And explains the relatively explosive (from my n00b point of view, anyway) growth of RenderHub.

    Thanks for the insight there.




    They’d also need La Femme and L’Homme to not be… well… total shit?

    Seriously the the original Genesis looks better than those two figures.

    Poser’s new figures are pretty much crap in a way. I look a them and they don’t even match up with Genesis 8 in detail and quality…



    If they do think that stuff is a viable competitor to Daz output, yes, they are delusional.
    The sooner the scales fall away from their eyes the better for them.

    They are rapidly digging their own grave, much to the delight of Daz. This is exactly what Daz wants, they bought up several 3rd party stores in recent years and shut them down just so they could force more customers into their own store. With Rendo taking this course, now Daz has an even easier path.

    There is also that whole mess where Rendo forced Sangriart to split a character into two separate products (at full price), even though it wasn’t designed for that. All because the character had adult morphs and child morphs in one package. Then they deleted and totally banned some users for uploads they suddenly decided were too young. Those users were perma banned, they cannot even buy anything now from Rendo, and they did nothing wrong. If you look at their art, you’ll see. Apparently Rendo thinks all elves and anyone with a smaller chest is automatically a child.

    But Daz isn’t so super hot these days, either. They have their child crisis, did you know that Daz no longer allows PAs to make promos of anyone under 18 to bear their shoulders? GASP! Shoulders! LOL. This actually started a while back. Go ahead, look at any Daz character that is teen, none of the promos show their shoulders. Of course, this only applies to females.

    Nobody has offered a good explanation of why. The only thing that makes sense is that Daz is in Utah, which so happens to be the same place where a female reporter was tossed out of court for bearing her shoulders, and the same area school photoshopped their year books to hide all shoulders in senior photos. Oh, and they did that without anybody knowing about it until the yearbooks released.
    So its a Utah thing, apparently.

    They are also releasing too much content too fast, and the quality has dropped off. Maybe one time you could say that Rendo took in cast offs, but today Daz is doing a pretty poor job of QA on their own products. Daz’s so called standards have clearly dropped way off. Some of the content textures I have seen are obvious conversions using Blacksmith3D Texture Transfer as a shoddy way to create new textures out of old ones. I saw one that used Belle 6 textures converted to Genesis 8 and only slightly altered. There is no way Daz gave that PA permission reuse a Daz Original texture like that, they just didn’t notice. You could see all of the markings that Texture Transfer leaves on them in its conversion process, too, so it wasn’t even that great of a texture with all these issues. At least fix that stuff if you are going to swipe the texture.



    Time to encourage the smaller stores then.

    Renderhub? CGBytes? Teknology3d? Forender?




    They force vendors to have no say when something of theirs goes on sale, so if it’s just been released and there’s a 50% off, they lose that much money. They have no say and can’t opt out.

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