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    Hi, I’m happy to see that dead links are being addressed, but in the current manner I foresee a lot of problems in the making. I received an Email with the dead link report, and it immediately goes to the Dead Post Category.

    1st, I tried to download it myself and in fact it is not a dead link. So it wasn’t verified.
    2nd, What a great way to bone somebody over. One can report somebody’s post without cause and re-upload it because it is stated one can “You can check that section and can Repost those stuff.”

    this needs some refinement, like a waiting period.
    And it would be nice if the same kind of feature gets implemented for filled requests that wasn’t posted to the blog. This is a sharing community after all.

    Take care everybody.



    Agreed. Some sharers don’t come here every day. I think it’s reasonable that there be at least a 3 day waiting period after someone is notified before it can be re-uploaded by someone else.



    hmmm okee .. prob is sometime mega show blank page 🙁



    Yip, sometimes it helps to try a different browser 🙂



    I have 2 now from the recent updated posts that are dead links, including the mirrors, that were not on the dead post list and had, i assume just been updated. still work to be done

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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