COVID-19 - I'm Back at ZoneGFX - was out for 3+ Weeks.

COVID-19 – I’m Back at ZoneGFX – was out for 3+ Weeks.

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if anyone noticed I was out of commission for the past 3+ weeks time. I apologize but I was not allowed to have my computer stuff with me in the hospital quarantine. I’m lucky and we have great medical care here, and I got a respirator immediately – my son had it in March/April and somehow I got hit with it. Things are getting back to normal, but I was really scared there for a while. My apologies if my duties went by the wayside. I have sent everyone the points I owed them for items they filled for me while I was absent.

    I’ll try to catch up on items in the Blog and the Fulfilled Requests to clear out the Request spaces as best I can, now that I am home. It will just go a bit slower than usual.

    Hope everyone is staying safe and are not injecting bleach in their veins.

    Hugs to you all



    I certainly did & I’m pleased we have you back, safe & well.




    Good to hear you are back and sorry you went through that experience. I’ve been lucky myself so far, and long may it continue. I actually thought you had just grown tired of this place but never for a moment considered that it was Covid. Hope you recover fully from this nasty virus with no long-lasting after-effects. Take it easy kid.

    Eve Adams


    Good to have you back and glad to see you’re recovering well. These are scary times.



    While you where gone we voted you president, treasurer, secretary and head bartender of the blog. We didn’t hear any dissenting opinion and so figured that you’d accepted the posts.
    Now get to work!
    PS: We’ll replay the tape of the great ‘Zemlon’ blowup for you. It was epic fun to watch.



    I noticed, and I am glad everything is ok with you and that you’re back.

    Wishing you all the best.



    Welcome back, and glad you are recovering from this.. be safe and well!



    I’m very happy to have you back in good health Anja.
    We missed you!
    Take care of yourself till you’re 100% recovered.

    Hugs, Monk



    I wish you good health. You must wear a mask, disinfect with alcohol and wash your hands. Of course, I heard that after the infection is cured, it will bring the immune system

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 41 total)

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