A Visual Guide to posting items on ZONEGFX!

A Visual Guide to posting items on ZONEGFX!

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    @barcgwcc you’re supposed to use one yourself – I think there was a link to one in one of the threads, or you can just use one from an existing package (the link, I mean) – a moderator will fix it if you don’t, but you’ll get a talking to, and asked to use one yourself 😉



    thanks @errilhl. I figured it out and just posted it with my own pic.

    Just realized that I lost 20 points for deleting my post (which didn’t even delete because it got a reply). That’s just plain sad!



    Why they take points when you clean your own mess is beyond me. You should be rewarded not punished. This is why you get triple postings, no one wants to lose points so they leave the mess they made for everyone to see.

    I probably could have saved myself 1000 points for not deleting my mess.

    And just to prove my point:~}



    I suggest you open 4 tabs before posting.
    a) The add post page (https://zonegfx.com/add-post/)
    B) The product page (example: https://www.daz3d.com/gremlin)
    c) An image host (https://postimages.org/web)
    d) And my filehost (https://www.mediafire.com or https://mega.nz or whatever.com)
    Those 4 tabs will mean you can populate and check everything you need to post.

    Then search Zonegfx for the product you want to upload using the exact name. Then search again using the minimum term, usually just the core name in case someone has uploaded it with a slight variation.

    Then fill in any information using the product page and your noggin and post it for all.



    Please note when uploading images to Postimages, it is the second line
    ‘Direct Link’ that needs to be used
    not the shorter first line ‘Link’.


    I noticed (after I finished uploading 3 reposts… DOH!) that there is a little note in small letters to NOT use a certain img host that we used to use quite a lot. Is there some problem with it? If someone in the know could PM about it, I would appreciate it. 😀




    I have to admit, I’m not seeing this note you mentioned. I’m all confuzzled now!



    This is perfect,thank you Tomsk!!!

    Sorry, this is probably a very good guide…..but even on ‘zoom’ I can’t read what is said in the notes.

    Is there a size limit to images we can share ? I want to have a go at entering the invasion art contest but I’m not sure how to post yet.


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 32 total)

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