rigging a character from turbosquid

rigging a character from turbosquid

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  • On sites like turbosquid I see alot of cool free figures and robots as fbx obj blend files etc.
    Some are static models and some list as being rigged.
    I am wondering are these figures able to be imported to daz and rigged and made into a posable figure for daz studio?

    I think you’ll have to pass through Blender or another 3rd party 3d app first. At least for the a robot. I’m not to good with machine joints but if you use null objects you can make parts moveable.

    There’s also this:



    In theory, you can. But of course, if we talk about robots (not humanoids), things get complicated, since you will have to create extra bones, for example, for an articulated arm in 5 parts … and the T pose is going to be quite difficult to achieve. -Surely they have huge shoulders and will collide with the head, or whatever works for it …-.
    For that I recommend an auto-IK in Maya, and tweak the names of the skeleton in Motion Builder. Save it with MotionB’s Python 2013 or 2014/15 exporter. , cross your fingers and wait for Daz to swallow it.
    Unity or Unreal models are easier to adapt.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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