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    A quick comparisation, with no edits to the pro version (which you would normally do…)


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    Face transfer fastest and easiest way get quality 3d-face

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    I still haven’t seen any solid results to justify its cost as part of a professional pipeline for production which they claim ($200, plus another $100 for the extra ‘1000 morphs’ to fix things). If it’s a hobbyist toy that’s “good enough” then it costs far too much. As a professional tool in a production workflow for main characters then it falls far short of the quality needed based on its cost.

    Going by the examples from @maxxp2 I would say the results are no better than a re-textured and a slightly tweaked base mesh. Considering the amount of fixes and manual repaints to be done it seems like it would be simpler to just work with sculpting and morphs. I don’t see this thing doing much to speed up production aiding a modeler or texture-painter’s job. (The texture artist is still going to have to manually paint all the textures; diffuse, normals, bump, and spec maps, etc.) I will say that it seems to excel at copying eyebrow textures, though. Kudos to Reallusion for achieving an impeccable $200 diffuse map eyebrow transfer system.

    I suppose, in some very unique circumstances, for a solo game creator who has extremely limited modeling or texture painting skills then this could suffice as a workable (albeit somewhat costly) method for populating an indie game. I still think all of the results look bad though, like something from console games fifteen years ago. But if it suits your needs and matches your visual quality expectations then I suppose it’s a win if you have the $300 in the budget for it.

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    Come on, you are making posts on a GFX site’s forum … who cares about the price ?
    Get it, test it with no limitations, buy it if you think it worth or if you can …

    I had tested almost all “Face Generators” on market, FaceGen, HeadShop, FaceTransfer,etc … This Reallusion’s solution is the best, by now.

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    Hello everyone – Who can provide this set to me in exchange for points or any special kitchen sets?

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