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  • Full resolution
    it was rendered in 512×512, then upscaled 8x
    Render time ~70 minutes

    Full resolution
    Render time 6 hours

    4gb RAM
    Poser 11

    Trying to make something close to good looking renders on my weak PC, and improve my art




    Loving the first one. Great mood and lighting. 🙂 Smart move on the upscaling, looks like you saved yourself a pile of time. Six hour render times, yikes o_O

    For the second one clipping on the right arm could probably be ‘shopped out fairly easily. I know this might make me sound crazy, but the hand placement on the character’s jaw didn’t look quite right to me. Tried it on myself with a great big smile and it’s very uncomfortable, while moving my hand to my cheekbone felt much more natural.

    Overall, pretty good stuff and even more impressive on an i3 with 4gigs. Can’t imagine!


    Not sure if you use DAZ Studios because I see you have these label as Poser. But there’s product you can use that will give you similar render quality using 3Delight.

    IBL Master for Daz Studio

    IBL Master for Daz Studio

    I haven’t used it myself but from what I read you can use 3Delight with renders faster using CPU but it will give your Iray render output.


    Yea, i use Poser for rendering. Looks like this “IBL Master” is just a comfortable controller of environment texture. I think that all physical based renders give ~same quality when you use HDRI image. Thats why in some cases Firefly\3Delight could give almost same quality as iray\Cycles(Superfly). But the funny thing is that when i render complex scenes, cycles still works faster and eats less RAM than old render engines.

    I have a question for you since you use Poser? Are able to use genesis 3 and 8 models in the program?

    I’m trying to get into the program but I can’t seem to make any of my genesis characters work.


    I play with Poser for maybe ~7-8 years.
    I tried to use Genesis figures in Poser, but they all worked badly, even Genesis1, when i wanted to modify it. So i decided to recreate all genesis characters which i need with Vicky4\Michael4 or LaFemme\Lhomme

    For example “Yuji for Genesis 8” recreated with M4. Im still not good in creating humans, but for now such result is enough for me

    So there’s no way to use any of the Genesis 2 through 8 outfits at all? I used to use Poser up until Poser 7 but then I stopped a long time ago. I want to get back in to use it but I’ve been spoiled by Daz. But Poser has things Daz doesn’t and I want to get back into it to try and use the features.


    “So there’s no way to use any of the Genesis 2 through 8 outfits at all?”

    Genesis1-2 works almost ok. You can pose them without bugs. The worst part starts when you want to dress Genesis1-2 with custom body shape in clothes. There will be alot of bugs. To avoid them, you have to conform needed clothes to needed character in daz studio, then delete the character, and save clothes in .cr2, and do it for every needed character, so you’ll have something like: shorts1_character1.cr2;shorts1_character2.cr2 etc.

    “I want to get back in to use it”

    i think you should wait until Poser12. Hope it will be cracked, my PC costs twice less than Poser 🙁

    Yes you can use genesis 3 characters. But i do remember that you needed a specific beta version of dson because the next final release of the dson did not work and produced errors with gen 3.
    It was a headache to get it all together and working but i did have it working.
    I actually came here to the zone looking for the shaderworks library manger for poser and after a while I just gave up and started using daz because it was just …….easier.
    One of the things you need, a free plugin = Willdial’s FREE Genesis3 to Poser plugin over at renderosity.

    Man this sounds like a real headache…. I just started back using 3DS Max the last thing I want to do is fight with another program.

    I started using Daz 2 years ago because I was looking for stuff for 3DS max. I drop 3DS but now that Daz have a new Exporter I want to get back in to 3DS Max.

    There’s to many 3D stuff to learn…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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