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D: I agree with Warrant as well

When I first noticed requests not to share, I was like “Gasp… but why Billy?” But I realized the reasoning for it… as I too have high regards for artists still taking the time to create Genesis content for the marketplaces (regardless with how sketchy some marketplaces may be), rather than going full Blendr or UE. So I’m compliant and try not to cannibalize artists good content for a reasonable amount of time, to ensure they create more. On the other hand, sharing helps build solidarity here and it’s nice to contribute.

However, I AM weary of content posted here showing up on less secure sites using the same links, leading to those links being found and shutdown. That is my other reason for holding off posting, because I do not want to be bothered finding new hosts for dmca’ed content, only for it to keep showing up elsewhere to be found.

So I think I’m more in favor of finding a way for ZG to hide the links/hosts after “Download” is selected, so it can’t be posted elsewhere… just as a security concern to prevent the dmca ninjas from finding our um… stash. Now if someone wants to take that content and find a separate host/link for that other site, go right on a head… as long as it doesn’t “link” here 😉


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