EArkham’s ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage

EArkham's ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage

EArkham’s ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage


Shatter your world with EArkham’s ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage, a set of easy to use rubble and destruction pieces. Whether you need a little extra detail in a fantasy battle scene or want to recreate a destroyed building for some post-apocalyptic vision, this set has you covered. It’s versatile and useful across a wide spectrum of genres, from horror and war stories to superheroes.

It include over 30 props and terrain pieces to provide you with plenty of options to create a ruined battlefield or cityscape, ranging from asphalt, bricks, and concrete chunks to metal scraps such as girders, corrugated sheets, and battered signs.

Don’t wait, lay waste upon your renders today with EArkham’s ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage!


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