Wow Brow

Wow Brow

Wow Brow
Now that you have NO BROWS, what do you do?

You get Wow Brow and create the perfect look.

With Wow Brow, you can create beautiful eyebrows of any color. Does your girl have green skin? No Problem! How about purple skin? Again, No Problem. With Wow Brow you can pick the color you want for your brows. Do you find it hard to match hair color? With Wow Brow you can have the eyebrows finally match the hair!

Maybe you lack imagination, and are thinking… oh no, I hate having to pick out a color, don’t you just have a preset that I can use? YES. Wow Brow has a group of preset colors from Lyoness’ Real World Palette. Quickly have the right brow to go with your favorite hair.

All brow shapes are real world and natural eyebrows. Since they are real, they are unique and asymmetrical. 20 Beautiful eyebrow shapes that will complement any face. Each setting includes bump and spec to create the most natural look possible.

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