Facility 2 Expansion Pack 1 For DazStudio 4

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Facility 2 Expansion Pack 1 For DazStudio 4

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Facility 2 Expansion Pack 1 For DazStudio 4
“Facility 2” Expansion Pack 1 For DazStudio 4.8+
SKU: 56598
By: Davo, Freeone

Add to your “Facility 1 and 2” packages with this expansion pack to keep your characters restrained in compromising positions. This is the DazStudio 4.8+ Version

Facility 2 Expansion Pack 1

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama

Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone

Copyright (c) 2017 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.
Thank you for purchasing the “Facility 2 Expansion Pack 1” from Davo/Freeone
Facility 2 Expansion Pack is a set of additional restraining devices for use with the Facility 2 Core Pack. This package will work seamlessly with the Facility 1 package (sold separately) Pose files for Victoria 4 and Genesis 3 Female is provided.
System Requirements:

– PC compatible
– Not tested in Mac
– Requires DazStudio 4.8+
– Poser 8+ Only version is available with V4 support (sold separately)
– All files in .duf, .dsf, .png and .jpg format.
Figures Libraries:

Benches Library:

– Bench 2: This is a short bench with restraint bar and 4 posable arm/leg chains. It is morph adjustable and symmetrical mirroring.

Pose files for Genesis 3 Female and V4 are provided
Seats Library: (these figures make use of the provided smart prop cuffs/neck cuff)

– Tseat 1: This is a seat style restraint with spreadable legs and arms. It has wrist and ankle eye hooks for the smart prop cuffs and a neck cuff link as well. The chair is symmetrical mirroring and morph adjustable.
– Tseat 2: This is a seat style restraint with the addition of a posable head box with lock and mouth entry cover, as well as a posable dildo gag. The chair has wrist and ankle cuff eye hook mounts and is symmetrical mirroring. There is a face pose file for opening V4’s mouth in the face library.

Pose files for Genesis 3 Female and V4 are provided
Stocks Library: (these figures make use of the provided smart prop cuffs)

– Stock 1: This is a reconfigurable stock with many adjustment morphs. The arm and leg cross bar have a “fix” morph to help with adjustments as there was a meshing error. The stock has 4 arm/leg chains and posable neck stock. This figure is symmetrical mirroring.
– Stock 2: This is a unique stock with morph adjustable arm, leg and pelvic region cutouts. There are several morphs to adjust the holes. There are 4 wrist/ankle chains to hook onto smart prop cuffs.
– Stock 3: This is a close to the floor stock with a neck stock, arm and leg restraint bars and a dildo attachment. The stock and it’s parts have many adjustment morphs to get a lot of good use and humiliating posing options.

Pose files for Genesis 3 Female and V4 are provided
Props Libraries:

Cuffs Library: Cuffs are provided for Genesis 3 male and female as well as V4 and M4.

These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the most of Davo’s packages. These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.
To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will position automatically. Link props can be used to provide a link for using the cuffs like hand cuffs with a link the middle.
Pose Libraries:

The pose libraries contain poses for the different restraints in this package. There are Genesis 3 and V4 poses provided in this package.
You must first apply the poses to your character and restraint or table, then if you want to move the equipment with your character moving with them, you must parent your character to the equipment.
A more detailed readme file is available in the package.


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