UE4 - Pro Inventory Component (Game inventory mechanics)

UE4 - Pro Inventory Component (Game inventory mechanics)

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UE4 - Pro Inventory Component (Game inventory mechanics)

$29.99 This inventory system is the most detailed copy of the inventory of one shooter game. It contains all the basic version of the mechanics of this inventory.

All you have to do is add the necessary items to your game and connect the inventory to your character using the training attached to the project.

This inventory is full customizable. It's so flexible, you can make an inventory like in any survival game.

Try this inventory in the attached demo version to see for yourself what you are buying.
Technical Details

This inventory based on blueprints only and it is fully multiplayer replicated.

Pro Inventory V2: 4.26+

Pro Inventory: 4.24-4.25


Backpack system
Clip inventory system
Rotating items
Chest system
Stack and split system
Quick use slots system
Equip slots for items
Change item size on equip upgrade
Pick and place item sounds
Items background colors
Pickup or Inspect item system
Stacking item with blocking ability
Changeable new backpack panels
Contains example weapon system
Clothes System
Holster System
Craft System
Workbenches System

Number of Blueprints:

3 function library
1 blueprint component
8 blueprint interfaces
1 blueprint controller
1 blueprint actor
1 blueprint HUD
16 widgets
28 textures
2 sounds

and Epic Content blueprints...

Network Replicated: Yes

Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vxZxIlvTVNUkAzEbo8pJZ_ZMKO2Be3ebBGtHn5adCmI/edit?usp=sharing


Required Product:Unreal Engine 4.24 - 4.26

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