Storybook Frog HD for Genesis 8.1 Males

Storybook Frog HD for Genesis 8.1 Males

Storybook Frog HD for Genesis 8.1 Males

Bring your fantasy and fairytale renders to life with the Storybook Frog HD for Genesis 8.1 Males.

The frog comes with 2 base material sets: a default brownish yellow and an alternate vibrant green.

The unique frog iris is achieved with a morph of the eye, allowing you to expand the variety of the set with any of your favorite eye materials without losing the frog-like appearance

The base shape can provide some challenges for clothing, this is why a plethora of clothing adjustment morphs are provided. The frog’s backside can be dialed out and replaced with a more humanoid one. A forehead can be dialed in to the head to help with fitting hats that are not smart props. The feet can be dialed out to allow for shoes, and the legs can also be restored for more traditional fits for pants. Finally, a normalize body morph can be applied to adjust the overall fit of clothing.

An alternate head shape can be applied to create a longer and narrower face. In the inverse, the same morph creates a squat and droopy head.

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