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    Sometimes I do renders to see if a character looks good and it’s worth keeping installed.

    One is one from Quixotry, Emrys, and Daz.

    Can you guess which is from whom? 🙂

    Do you actually use characters as is?

    I personally never do. If I download a character I like I usually use them at 50% if I really like them other wise its 10 to 35% on a lot of different models.



    Given the huge amount of characters available, and the fact that more morphs = more delay while loading a genesis figure, they have to be very good “as is” for me to keep.

    As for using them “as is” well, mostly no, I do like to add some extra details here and there.

    Yeah I hear you about them having to be very good to keep. I’ve started going back and deleting some of my Renderosity G8 characters myself. But the Daz stuff I kinda keep the bundle ones. The non bundle ones I don’t really download anymore.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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