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Billy Hill
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You might be wasting your time since the course isn’t complete.
Some of the files link to the vendors website and you have to login to get the extra material. Not my words, words of others who have downloaded this course.

What others have said………..

missing files
Chapter 3: 1 and 9
Chapter 6: 6 and 7
Chapter 7 :1, 2, 3, 6, 7
Chapter 8 all missing: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Couple reviews about this course on TrusPilot. So Content Producer is taking time to upload the course material.

Many courses are still not available after purchasing
I really wish I could submit a 5-star review but unfortunately cannot do to course specific reasons. After paying for the full course you will typically expect ALL the courses they are promoting to be available. However, it’s been 3-4 months since I’ve purchased the course (which is NOT cheap) and almost 1/4 of the classes are still in the”coming soon” stage.

If you’re a beginner in photoshop the courses currently available will get you going. However, if you’re an advanced user, you may need to wait a bit longer until ALL the courses are available.
50+ lessons which in reality are 41
Hello, it feels a bit disappointing to discover that the course is announced explicitly as, and I quote, “Final release, 50+ lessons, 8 modules…”, but as I discovered after payment, this is not true, because some of them are not yet available (like Color Management, LAB, Luminosity Masks…which are definitely not new features of Photoshop).

This is not a complain, and I am very happy with the few lessons I already did, plus even more happy with the fact that you plan to keep growing with the course with new lessons I guess. Thanks a lot for this. Still, I thought it would be nice to inform you that the way you announce it feels like a lie, as the 50+ lessons promised are in fact 41 and no more for now. This needs to be told and not hidden from the users after they already paid for it. Maybe (I hope) these lessons will come at some point indeed, but as a user you already paid for them, so some users could see this as a very bad move from your side.

We have been waiting for several months now, and this missing lessons are still not here. Could you at least give us an idea of when they will become available? Or can we get the proportional refund for the more than 10 lessons not available? Thanks


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