3DA Chantell

3DA Chantell

3DA Chantell
Another pretty V4

* 3DA Chantell*

Chantell is a Creole beauty that will accent your runtime.

Chantell consists of a custom head morph, custom square & sharp nail morphs & a custom genital morph. These will work on the base Victoria 4.2 and do not require any additional morph products. You may inject these as you choose to customize your character.

You will only need to have morphs++ if you wish to use Chantell's body shaping, long nail &long eyelash options. These are true injection & removal files, you will NOT need to pre-inject morphs++

* Individual Customizing

Except for the 2 full face makeups all lip shades apply separately so that you may mix 'n match her makeup styles.

Adding to Chantell's versatility are her shaping options: Apply her morphs++ body shape, add the nipples or not as you choose, apply her custom genital morph or adjust nail lengths & choose regular, sharp or squared.

There is also an included "smaller pupil" option.

* Included

The following is a list of included items


• Chantell Head INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Chantell Body INJ & REM
• Custom Genitals INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Nipples INJ & REM
• Square Nails INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Sharp Nails INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Nail Default Length
• Nail Longer
• IK Removal Pose
• Smaller Pupils INJ & REM
• Xtreme Lash

MATS in Poser & Studio Versions [default & SSS]:

• 01 Full Skin
• 08 Makeups in with differing liners + Nude [makeup removal]
• 01 Tribal makeup
• 08 Lip Shades + 1 No Lipstick in Glossy & Matte
• 02 Full Face Paints
• 03 Nail Colours
• 07 Eye Shades
• 05 Eye Reflections
• 03 Seer Eyes
• Tears On & Off

* Render Info

Poser images rendered in PP2013 with SSS & IDL using Warm & Soul Lights by fabiana
Perfect V4 fixes have been used in Poser to correct breaks in some images & are not included.

* Thank You


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