Xenobiology Research Unit

Xenobiology Research Unit

Xenobiology Research Unit

Xenobiology Research Institute is able to perform difficult and dangerous operations on a variety of alien organisms, while ensuring the maximum safety both for the research team and, if possible, also for the investigated organisms or human hosts.

Individual laboratories are equipped with remote examination devices or even with equipment for conducting fully automatic operations, while safety is ensured by a number of active and passive components, including highly sensitive sensors, high-frequency force fields, barriers and the like.

The typical laboratory consists of a central dome for conducting operations themselves and of a number of adjoining rooms, serving both to remote opration control, but also for the location of spectators, xenobiology students, journalists, sponsors and the like. Thanks to a carefully designed laboratories and rigorously followed safety procedures the risk of incidents was reduced to the necessary minimum.

Included are:
Poser ERC Figures:

Xenobiology Security Lab
Control Station

Smart Props:
Examination Table Force Field
Auditory Seats
Floor Plug

Material Poses:
4 glow variants: blue, green, white, orange
2 inner table materials: marble and chrome

M4, V4 Poses:
Operator, Student, Human Host

4 multilight presets:
white, blue, orange and green

11 main camera presets
High Resolution Textures suitable for close-ups

ERC coding for easier animations


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