Wildflowers - Tall Weeds and Seed heads

Wildflowers - Tall Weeds and Seed heads

Wildflowers - Tall Weeds and Seed heads

Add some rough edges to your natural and outdoor scenery! Wildflowers - tall weeds and seed heads will add an extra touch to your renders.

A great little bundle of 20 weeds and seed heads in clumps and single versions in a subtle natural variety of shades.

Perfect to add a touch of realism and depth to long grass, verges, roadsides, meadows and a whole variety of scenery. Great to create foreground interest and wonderful against a skyline to break up some times too tidy lines one finds in a scene! Use just one or two in the gutter or corners of a street scene, or en mass to create dramatic effect.

As always each model can be turned on its Y rotation axis, and have slight variations of scale applied to it to create almost infinite variations!

Wild flowers - tall weeds and seed heads is not the most glamorous set of plants but is a must-have for anyone who wants to add that extra layer of detail and realism to their scenes!


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