The perfect Wedding Dream for V4!
An elegant, tight, super-conforming wedding gown (except hip), long back train and embroidered gems top, like no other before!

The gown comes with 37 Hip bones for movement! But no worries!
It comes with 18 ready V4 poses (respective ones for the gown and train too) plus utility lock/unlock lower V4 parts to use all pose and gown settings with all your favorite V4 top poses from your libraries too! Possibilities are endless.. just a couple of clicks away at your fingertips!

3 sets of MAT files in luscious cloths and gems are also included, in various pastel variations suitable for any bride!
A total of 12 MAT sets to choose from, in both mc6 and pz2 format (to keep whatever suits your Runtime convenience best)

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!
You won’t regret it!

The gems top by nature of shape will create distortion to the armpits once posed as they are nt cloth. There are lots of adjustment morphs to minimize distortion of the gems.
In the documentation folder, you will find a TIPS_on_GEMS pdf file with images and explanation.
You may check them out online at the editorial tab.

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