Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female

Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female

Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female


Meet Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female:

I am from the time boundary of the eclipse kingdom. Because of the disorder of time and space here, every part of the chaotic buildings consist of different eras, like the medieval wall corners and the modern roof. The parts of human bodies are also composed of different ages of themselves. For example, some humans have old-age heads, bodies from their youth, hands from their baby stage, and feet that are just bones from their death.

I was summoned by Xiao Hua.

I have no memory of my own. I have been alive in the fantasy and the prayer of despair as the virtual form of God. My whole soul consists of broken and fragmented desires and endless regret.

Xiao Hua also helped me to summon my older brother even though I have no older brother at all. In reality, “brother” was just two legs that danced ceaselessly without an upper body.

I usually live in peace and quiet with my brother in this chaotic city. When Xiao Hua meets strong enemies, she summons me to fight for her. I have a strange hometown and a strange brother, but these memories and feelings are my own. Xiao Hua is my only friend, and I would die to protect her.

Every time I hear the summon of Xiao Hua, I see the countless movement trajectories with fluorescent flashing. Those tracks are like silver rivers, flowing slowly just like the countless ice crystals gather into my body through the boundaries of time. It’s just like the first time I opened my eyes and saw Xiao Hua and her world.

Continue her story with Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female.
What’s Included and Features

Vo Maria for Genesis 8.1 Female: (.DUF)
Vo Maria 8.1 Character Preset
Vo Maria FullBody Apply Apply/Remove
Vo Maria Head Apply/Remove
Vo Maria Body Apply Remove
Vo Maria Lashes Apply Remove
Vo Maria Navel Apply Remove
Material Options:
Vo Maria Full Body MAT
Vo Maria Full Body MAT Vessel
Vo Maria Face MU Reset
Vo Maria Face NoBrow
09 Eye Colors
10 Face Blush
09 Face MU
12 Fingernails Color
09 Lips Color
XX Makeup Options
Textures Include:
119 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Reflection, Specular, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


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