Ultimate Skin System: Body Blush for G8 Male

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Ultimate Skin System: Body Blush for G8 Male

Ultimate Skin System: Body Blush for G8 Male

Body Blush won’t deposit nasty L.I.E. on your figure skin that can cause extra load time at render and is time consuming to remove!

Our Shell based system means you can easily switch blush on or off as needed, with no impact on your load time! Also because it’s a translucent layer just above your figures skin, it can be adjusted on the fly!

This core set includes:

– G8M USM Body Blush Shell compatible with DAZ gens and all Male Meipe grafts by default
– 10 Body Blush pattern settings!
– 8 Face settings!
– new 7 Face Only settings!

For those looking to take their ladies orgasm to the next level, we’ve included an extensive toolkit to customize the blush effects!

– Add “Rug Burn” blush to knees
– 9 realistic blushing colors for different skin types
– 3 “fantasy” blushing color examples for fantasy skin characters
– 8 Opacity Level adjustments to control blush strength
– Bonus basic “rosy cheeks” for butt blush (more blush patterns coming!)

We even included a hover-tip to guide you on EVERY TOOL!

Special Notes-

Shell based products folow your characters mesh exactly with no need for fitting tools, However some figures use Displacement to mimic HD mesh. The shell has no way to follow this displacement because it is texture based. To fix this we have included a tool to apply your figures displacement maps to the shell! Apply this tool LAST!

This shell is a color overlay and may change the color of tatoo’s and other special markings if they’re under the blushed area.


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