Translucent Fabric Shader [REPOST]

Translucent Fabric Shader [REPOST]

Translucent Fabric Shader [REPOST]


Make amazingly realistic translucent fabrics with the Translucent Fabric Shader!

Usually, we make a surface translucent by reducing the opacity (such as Iray Uber's Cutout Opacity) to simulate translucent fabric. But for real translucent fabrics, this approach ignores their physical and optical properties, and may make our products or artworks not real enough because they miss some wonderful details.

Translucent Fabric Shader is specially designed to express light and translucent fabrics like nylon, fine mesh, silk and so on. After replacing some or all of the surface shaders of your clothes with Translucent Fabric Shader, these clothes will show a completely different rendering results. The color and opacity of different positions will be different, and there will be beautiful color transitions between them. This effect is exactly the same as the translucent clothes you see in the real world.

A user's guide and sample shaders are included in the installation package of this product. The user's guide explains the parameters of Translucent Fabric Shader and the usage of example shaders. The sample shaders can help users better understand this shader.

Get the Translucent Fabric Shader and enjoy your amazing new translucent fabrics!
What's Included and Features

Translucent Fabric Shader (.DUF)
Translucent Fabric
Translucent Fabric User's Guide (.TXT)
Translucent Fabric Example Scene
9 Shader Examples
Textures Include:
9 Texture, Diffuse, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (800 x 800 up to 2048 x 2048)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

File Hosting:

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