Sara is the second Grownup in the TOON series, and the fifth figure overall. Saved as a scene for your convenience.

She comes with the shape, the needed eye-blink morphs, skin, eyebrowns and hair – you get to add everything else.

Sara was someone who I wanted to be part housewife, part MILF (-ish) in shape and stature, but always relaxed and chill in her personality. I always imagined her with a hard Australian accent, because it just seems to go with the suntan and the hair… besides, she has just the slightest touch of the Aboriginal, but she is way more at home in the city than the Outback. I guess you could pronounce her name as “Seeh-rah”, because she most likely does.

Unzip into your DAZ “My Library”/”Content” folder.

You can find the figure in People > Genesis 8 > Characters > GoF


– The latest Genesis 8 Female Starter Essentials Pack is required. It is a free download from DAZ.

– This morph has only been tested on G8.1F, but might work on G8F

– About The Eyes: The toon head makes it very hard to fully close the eyes using the default morphs, so I included a few eye blink morphs. Select the head, go to Pose Controls > Head > Eyes , then look for the pink “Violet Blink Both”, “Violet Blink Left” and “Violet Blink Right” sliders. These will help. I use these sliders by themselves, but they can be used alongside the other eyelid controls.

– The hair in the promo image is the GoldTassel BeDazzle hair, which is included.

– The skin was borrowed from the 3D Universe Dayton figure (nipples and tanlines added, because Sara is definitely not a little girl!), which can be found on DAZ.

– The eyebrows are the Ensley eyebrows (from Bluejaunte), because the 3DU Dayton figure texture didn’t have eyebrows, and the supplied fibermesh ones from 3DU just didn’t seem to be quite in-character.

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