SY Rigged Waves Iray

SY Rigged Waves Iray

SY Rigged Waves Iray

Continuing the popular series of SickleYield water products, welcome to SY Rigged Waves Iray!

When you need close-ups on realistic waves, this set is there for you! Each wave piece is simulated and converted to mesh and is therefore unique, different from every piece in this set and from any other set or concept image. The longer pieces have bone rigs to let you curve them around any shore or edge in your scene, and every piece has a corresponding realistic foam that either conforms (if rigged) or can be parented (if not).

Because these are realistic high resolution water meshes, some pieces will be very heavy on older systems. The icons show you the scale of each water piece compared to Genesis 8 in order to give you an idea which ones are largest!

SY Rigged Waves Iray is ready for much more than your oceans – get this set of Waves for your fantasy, dark magic, adventure, or alien planet needs for a breathtaking addition.

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