SWT dForce Dynamic Chains Merchant Resource

SWT dForce Dynamic Chains Merchant Resource

SWT dForce Dynamic Chains Merchant Resource

To be used with Iray. Can be used with or without dForce.

This product, SWTrium dForce Dynamic Chains Merchant Resource, is a very diverse Merchant Resource kit which provides three chain presets of 10 links, 50 links and 100 links to use with multiple chain shapes and multiple texture options to create many...Many versatile chain combinations.

This product has been created solely to provide Daz Studio users an option of using dForce simulation-ready chains in their scenes and other products, which I felt was a missing link (no pun intended) in Daz Studio.

Since anyone who uses dForce knows that it is not at all easy to use with any solid models, like for example chains, I have created this method which will allow anyone to use solid chains inside Daz Studio without having to bring in any other software suite to employ the dynamic simulation effects.
This product does not require very advanced knowledge of the software, anyone can skim through the simple tutorial and they will be good-to-go for using these dForce Dynamic Chains in all of their Daz Studio scenes and/or adding it to any other existing models in their library. Some deeper knowledge of Daz Studio might be required for those using these as Merchant Resource building-blocks in their own original products, and tutorials have been provided to help all of you out on that front as well.

As seen in the product's promo video, the chains collide with everything from Daz Studio primitives to Genesis models to environment meshes and anything in between that has any real geometry present. Multiple dForce simulation material presets have also been provided for fine tuning the collisions, flexibility and various other dynamic factors.

Moreover, all the chains and presets provided here can be used with or without dForce simulations to great effect.

You can also use you own original/custom chain-link crafted inside Daz Studio from a primitive or in an external modelling program with great ease (the tutorial documents cover this as well).

There are provisions to alter the shape and texture of every single link individually or as a whole using either separate 4k HD resolution mapping or combined 4k UV maps. There are also options of adding additional detail on each link (like dirt, rust, etc.) via additional geoshells as well as LIE options to quickly change the texture colors.

Finally, since this is a Merchant Resource you will be able to use any portions of this product in your own commercial products. Please read through the Merchant Resource Agreement document provided with this product and understand the terms of using this in all of your original creations that you would wish to sell on any marketplace.


The product promos shown here have been created fully inside the current public release build of DS Pro 4.12 using Iray. No external editing has been performed to simulate any dForce effect seen here.


Included in this package:


Primary Nodes-
- 10X Chain NODE
- 50X Chain NODE
- 100X Chain NODE

dForce Smart Chains-
- X 10 Chain - Cuban Chain
- X 50 Chain - Cuban Chain
- X 100 Chain - Cuban Chain
- X 10 Chain - Universal Chain
- X 50 Chain - Universal Chain
- X 100 Chain - Universal Chain



- 20 Iray materials for the Universal and Cuban chains. 14 dForce and Utility Materials for the Nodes. 8 LIE solid color overlay options.

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.10 (for dForce)


For any questions regarding the product's usage and clarifications on the MR Agreement, please contact me over here on Renderosity with your questions and I will clear any doubts.
There are tutorial documents provided to explain how the product works, please refer to those and if there are any other questions, don't hesitate to send them my way!
You can also click on the playlist link found on the Editorial tab on this product to check out the other promos and video tutorials that I will be creating for this product.

I hope you all use this Merchant Resource kit to create some fantastic things for your personal and also for commercial uses. That's the whole reason why I put in all the hard work in creating this MR kit: to see all the fantastic products that you all will use this Merchant Resource to create 🙂

Thank you for checking this item out and you'll have my deep gratitude if you purchase this to use in your own creations and 3D artworks!


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