Steam Rifle – Ultimate Construction Kit

Steam Rifle - Ultimate Construction Kit

Steam Rifle – Ultimate Construction Kit

Hartwig´s Steam Powered Repeater Rifle model 1895 know mostly as Steam Rifle is modular weapon system using one universal core lockwork system “The Engine” and various independent weapon attachement parts like barrels, magazines,
stock, optical instruments and so on. Hartwig was asked to produce universal steam powered gun system usable for various kind and calibers od rifles. It was simple task, the resulting engine should be small but powerful enough to
propel various kind and calibers of bullets, slugs or pellets shots and also maintain mechanical loading procedure.
The system should be as much compact as possible but still realiable and easy to maintain and repair. He started works on such task at the beginning of 1893 and one year later he had the first prototypes. The Engine consisted of three
main parts – the body – in which was located universal ammo loading chamber, pressure chamber and pressurizing mechanism as well as ammo loading system. Second part, the boiler was a water tank and gas propelled furnace for
producing hot haighly pressurized steam. Finally there was a grip, with trigger mechanism and socket for holding gas bottle for fueling the furnace. With only minor effort, the system can be adapted for holding various caliber insets
and types of magazine need for specific type of rifle. The engine was so versatile it can provide steam pressure according task necessary for particular type of rifle – either for singe powerful shot, or for numerous, rapidly successive less powerfull burst. For even stronger punch, weapon can be equiped with steam compensators, which were constructed for gathering surplus steam pressure, concetrated it in secondary pressure tank and releasing it for one even more powerful shot or for rapid fire sequence. Compensators were producued in several variants either for rapid firing weapons (light variants) or for powerful antitank or anti-material sniper based rifles (medium to heavy variants). There was wide array of various accessories for many Hartwig´s Rifle variant, such ase numerous optical instruments, statives and bipods, stocks, steam condensors, muzzle breaks, silencers and so on. Many of them are
presented as part of our model.

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