Sledding Fun for Genesis 8 (with Sleds 1 & 2)

Sledding Fun for Genesis 8 (with Sleds 1 & 2)

Sledding Fun for Genesis 8 (with Sleds 1 & 2)
No one can resist the urge to slide down a snow covered hill. Dig out those old Vintage Sleds and let your Genesis 8 Male and Female models enjoy the winter fun with these 20 3D digital hierarchical pose presets. Both the Genesis 8 Male and the Genesis 8 Female has a pose designed specifically for one of the 10 sleds found in the Vintage Sled 1 & Vintage Sled 2 packs. Each of the hierarchical pose presets has your model interacting with the appropriate sled. Included in this set for ease of use are 20 wearable presets that will load the different sleds onto the Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female models, saving you the time and energy of setting both models up to look good in a pose.

There are poses that give your characters the chance to fly down a hill, haul their sled UP the slope, careen wildly over the snow, topple, flop, ride on their belly - whatever you need for your scene.

Please note that most of the sleds in the wearable presets load with the tows (handle/rope) turned off. But a few will load with the tow visible, depending on the needs of the hierarchical pose preset involved. You can easily turn on or off the tow by selecting the tow bone in the scene hierarchy tab and clicking the "eye" icon on or off.

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance, and realism.

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