Skin Effects: Dirt for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

Skin Effects: Dirt for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

Skin Effects: Dirt for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)
Skin Effects: Dirt is a complete package of dirt options for any Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female based character.
The styles are applied on a Geoshell which allows us to deliver the most realistic result as all the dirts are PBR.

You will find 5 complete styles (Light, Medium, Medium 2, Heavy and Heavy 2) and their respective partial options.
The partial options include: hands only, lower part of the arms, complete arms, head, torso, feet only, lower part of the legs, complete legs.
Some of these can simply be used together (ex. Head + Hand only + Feet only), but for those cases where they can't we included "helper" MATs. For example both the Head and Complete legs options make use of the torso area, so an helper MAT for head+Legs is included that loads an ad-hoc opacity option for the torso.

5 complete "mixed" styles are also included: Heavier Bottom, Heavier Top, Heavy Limbs, Heavy Limbs 2, Heavy Torso.
NOTE: there are various INFO thumbnails within the folders, do click on them as they include useful info, tips and instructions!

An option is included for color choices, in case you want the dirt to have a different nuance.
The default dirt is a green-brown color and with these options you can shift it towards red, a deeper green, blue/purple or darker and blacker tones. You can actually choose any color you want, these are just a few samples that work well and that come in handy when you need to tweak the dirt appearance for the skin you are using (darker or patterned skins may need a darker dirt for it to be clearly noticeable).

You will also find Opacity levels.
These simply change the opacity value for the whole body so that you can soften the appearance of the dirt. The included MATs only work for the complete styles, since they change the value for all the material areas, however you can easily do the same thing when using partial options, simply note which areas the dirt is applied to and change the opacity value (select all of them and change the value once).

All the dirts are compatible with Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female anatomical elements.

We included 5 Geoshells, which are optimized to work well together.
This was done because while you can easily mix and match partial options from the same style (light, medium of heavy) and to some extent from different styles (ex. Heavy Legs + light hands) not everything can be mixed together, for those cases simply load an additional geoshell and mix the dirts however you want!

The partial options are included for when you need your character to be dirty only in some areas, but they can also come in handy to tell a story, use them as artistic and creative tool: Imagine that your character had to find her way through some ruins, she finally gets back home and gets rid of her dirty clothes, now her exposed parts are still dirty (face, arms, legs) but her underwear and torso are clean because they were covered. Anything like this becomes easy to achieve with the included partial options.
You can also use a complete light or medium dirt and add heavy partial options for some parts only, say the hands or arms if she had to get them through a filthy place in order to accomplish something.

This set is meant to create characters that are more lively and realistic, whether they are fantasy adventurers, scavenge their way in a ruin-littered post-apocalyptic world or live underground shunned by a totalitarian regime or are simply walking around the streets barefoot. Whenever your characters do something they get dirt, like kids in a playground if you are not one for dungeons and dangerous space-stations.

Most times these characters are wearing something, so you may need dirty clothes too, check out the related product section below as we linked all our clothes that include dirt/dirty options.

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