Skeleton Bones Pack

Skeleton Bones Pack

Skeleton Bones Pack
Here is a completely original Skeleton Bone Pack that goes way beyond the capabilites of the standard Poser skeleton.

This skeleton is realistic enough to be used as an anatomical model as well as being creepy enough for any horror scene. In addition to the standard skeleton type this model also comes with eyeballs and three eyeball textures. The skeleton has fully poseable jaw with either a set of normal or sharp, fanged teeth. There are additional rigging bones in the neck and lower back to allow better curvature of the spine in posing.

All standard body and hand poses will work with this model with some minor adjustments in some circumstances. It comes with three standard bone colour MATposes as well as three dark and dirty MATposes. There is also three variation MATposes with a pentacle burnt into the forehead of the skeleton.

This products features do not stop there. Included is a standalone skull with all the features and MATpose combinations of the main skeleton. This allows you to create scenes with the head and body in separate places, such as in the hand or under the arm of the skeleton. There are also three smartprop candles that sit on the top of the skulls head so that you can use it to light the workbench of any witch, wizard or alchemist. An ornamental table with two different textures is also part of this package. Finally there is a smartprop hanging display frame for the skeleton so that it can be used in a medical or hospital type scene.

The combination possibilites are only limited by your imagination. To make things even easier for you there are preset figure files already set up. These include the standard skeleton/normal teeth, horror skeleton/sharp teeth, skull and candle, skeleton and hanging frame combinations so that these configurations can be loaded into your scene with just a single click.

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