Sci-Fi Mecha Bundle 01

Sci-Fi Mecha Bundle 01

Sci-Fi Mecha Bundle 01

Prepare for battle with the Sci-Fi Mecha Bundle of three amazing fully-articulated robots weaponized with cannons and mini-guns. These machines are made for both defense and offense, and are most at home in the desert, in rocky scenes, and on other planets. The bundle includes:

The Sci-Fi SS Spider Mecha perfect for base defense,

the Sci-Fi LS Spider Mecha, stout, strong, and intimidating,

and the Sci-Fi Scorpion Mecha, ready to strike at any time!

Whether this bundle is for your war or warfare scene, jungle base, steampunk concept, alien conquest or high-tech futuristic battle, it comes with material options and textures so you can customize it for your side!

This Bundle Includes:
Sci-Fi Scorpion Mecha
Sci-Fi SS Spider Mecha
Sci-Fi LS Spider Mecha

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