SAVll Feather Dreams

SAVll Feather Dreams

SAVll Feather Dreams
Feather Dreams, consist of 2 quality posable, morphing Feather boas,
The 1st has the Control bone in the end and its for use with the pose presets.
The 2nd Feather placed in V4 shoulders and has the control bone in the neck area
For easier posing with any pose,around characters shoulders.
20 Pin-Up poses for V4 and 20 matching poses for the first boa.
You can use the Feather boas with any character,
read the instructions below for easy posing.

!!!Please note:
1.The Feather Boa is a posable character, its not a conforming character.
in case you wish to move V4 and the Feather boa, “after” you have load the pose
presets, you will need to parent the boa to v4.
Unparent the Boa, before you load the next boa pose preset.
2.This product works perfectly in Daz Studio 4.6
3.The poses made for use with high heels.
4.The Feather boa, may take longer rendering time,than usual
especially with Strong shadows and high AO render settings!
5.Dont use the 2nd feather with the pose presets.

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