Road Trip Hippy Van

Road Trip Hippy Van

Road Trip Hippy Van
Nice for Tomsk vacations and others nostalgic of a carefree era (no terror rampage, no AIDS, no global debt, no climate change... (OK other problems such as cold war, racial issues and mob power) SO here is :
The hippie van (Nickname of the time) is an “old-school” icon from the 1960s counterculture – the Beatles, love, peace, anti-war, pro-women and all things free – to road trips, surf culture and wildlife safaris. This friendly and fun-loving van is considered to have its own personality and most world people will always remember this van as a familiar face on the roads since the mid 1950s. This vehicle definitely deserves a tribute for being one of the most popular in automotive history – a trusty steed not to be forgotten.

Hippie Van + Roadtrippers Set ( 50 parts).

Customization by bus (2 rows of additional seats) or customization in bedding mode (bed, storage box, curtains - open or closed - sleeping and cushions).

All 5 doors open and possibility to have the windows lowered in the front.

Open "safari" windows are also available.

5 van color and 6 colors of curtains are possible.

A complete loading kit (on the roof with the gallery, in the trunk) and also a necessity of campers "roadtrippers Set"(ranging from camping chairs to dishes and a canopy..Etc) is available.

The stage is made up of 77 moving parts.

The van is in high definition allowing the close-up.

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