(REPOST) Expression Mixer

(REPOST) Expression Mixer

(REPOST) Expression Mixer

Getting the exact perfect expression can be a chore. Either you don’t have the expression you are looking for or that expression that looks so good on Michael doesn’t look so good on Lucas.

Expression Mixer allows you to easily create and discover new expressions by selectively mixing and randomizing expression morph-dials and strengths. With Expression Mixer, it is easy to slightly tweak existing expressions or to create entire new expressions. It’s a great way to gently randomize an expression to give it that natural look. And Expression Mixer works with Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, and Genesis 8 Females and Males. Expand your expression library for all Genesis generations in minutes!

Expression Mixer uses a mixer-style format, with a maximum of 10 channels or slots. Select expression morphs for each channel (including loading them from the character’s current expression). For the channels that you like their contribution to the final expression, lock that channel so that Expression Mixer will not change it. Click the Randomize button and Expression Mixer will add randomly chosen expression morphs and strengths. Don’t like the result? Keep hitting Randomization, and tuning expression slots’ strengths until you find the perfect new expression.

Expression Mixer also provides randomization groups (e.g., Random All, Random Brows, etc). These groups narrow its choices when randomizing. Constrain a channel to a certain randomization group and Expression Mixer will only choose that type of expression morphs for the channel.


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