RedAnt G3F Neelia [Repost]

RedAnt G3F Neelia [Repost]

RedAnt G3F Neelia [Repost]

~ Product Name: RedAnt G3F Neelia
~ Copyright © 2017-2018 RedAntArt
~ Contact email: Contact with any questions or suggestions at Renderosity site mail.


~ Story.
Neelia is a Russian inspired girl, she is pretty straight forward and witty, shes always one for fun but you should know your place, so don’t get too comfortable. :d


Character made for Genesis 3 Female(s)(Compatible with genesis 8)

Files included:

RedAnt-G3F Restore.duf
RedAnt-G3F Neelia.duf

—G3F Neelia Full.duf

—G3F Neelia Eyes 00.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 01.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 02.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 03.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 04.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 05.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 06.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 07.duf
—G3F Neelia Eyes 08.duf

—G3F Neelia Face 00.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 01.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 02.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 03.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 04.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 05.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 06.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 07.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 08.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 09.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 10.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 11.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 12.duf
—G3F Neelia Face 13.duf

—G3F Neelia Lips 00.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 01.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 02.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 03.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 04.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 05.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 06.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 07.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 08.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 09.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 010.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 011.duf
—G3F Neelia Lips 012.duf

—G3F Neelia Nails 00.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 01.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 02.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 03.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 04.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 05.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 06.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 07.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 08.duf
—G3F Neelia Nails 09.duf

System Requirements:~
This product was created for Windows users.
This product will need Genesis 3 Female.
This product was created for Daz studio 4.9 and up.

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