Red Seraphim Suit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female (repost)

Red Seraphim Suit for Genesis 8 and 8

Red Seraphim Suit for Genesis 8 and 8

Red Seraphim Suit is the perfect suit for your character to wear when piloting a giant robot against eldritch horrors or it can be a casual wear in a cyberpunk scenario. The suit is created with many useful Surface area so that you can have a high level of customization. All FBM list below.

This package includes:

– Red Seraphim Bodice
– Red Seraphim Gloves
– Red Seraphim Boots
– (Prop) Headset Left/Right
– (Prop) Beast Spear
– (Prop) Shoulder Armor Left/Right
– 1 texture sets
– 1 Heel Pose
– (Wearable) Beast Spear in Left Hand
– (Wearable) Beast Spear in Right Hand
– 1 Left Hand Poses for Spear, 1 Right Hand Poses for Spear

Custom morphs for Bodice:

Adj Cleavage and Implant (manually apply this in the same ratio as Cleavage and Implant from 1-100, but it can be used to resolve other cleavage issue as well)
Adj Open Breast Window.dsf (as described)

Adj Crotch Left.dsf
Adj Crotch Right.dsf
Adj Crotch Shrink.dsf

Other breast morph listed below:


Custom morph for Boots, used when thigh bend causes clipping with the bodice:
Adj Boots Open Left.dsf
Adj Boots Open Right.dsf

All pieces include adjustment morphs to use for different effects when posing and simulating. Many popular body morphs for Genesis 8 are included, and have been optimized to improve it’s appearance, but other body morphs will work with the autofollow technology.

All material presets are optimized for the Iray Render Engine. Almost all the different color group as seen in the promo can be reassigned to your own shader.

Each clothing item has multi surfaces for easy customization using Iray Shaders:
Bodice (Armor, Center, Chest, Main1, Main2, Main3, Sleeve, Trim1)
Gloves (Detail, Glove, Glove2, Trim, Trim2)
Shoes (Detail1, Detail2, Detail3, Leather, Sole)
Beast Spear (Blade, Mat1, Mat2, Mat3, Mat4, Mat5)
Headset (Bottom, Main, Trim)
Shoulder Armor (Mat1,Mat2,Mat3,Mat4,Mat5,Mat6)

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