Pumping Pole Palette For G8M Dicktator

Pumping Pole Palette For G8M Dicktator

Pumping Pole Palette For G8M Dicktator

Let’s pride Dicktator with a new set of textures and achieve the best results in your renders! Pumping Pole Palette comes with a delicious menu of eleven tone maps, each one with its own personality in glans, shaft, testicles and anus:

– White chocolate fill;
– Innocence;
– Sugar Candy;
– Banana Bar;
– Golden Glow;
– Desire;
– Mamma Mia;
– Brown Bone;
– Why so Angry;
– El Toro;
– Boudin Noir.

For each tone, you can sculpt the shaft with six detailed veins options… Veins render crisp with normal maps and have matching green or purple colors on the skin. You can also add bumps on the glans.
Anus have been improved to show a soft inflated look, testicles come either wrinkled or with a bumpy/veiny look. Transparency maps have been fine-tuned with hair bumps for a better transition with the main G8M character.
For the “Golden Glow” sausage, some options have been added to mistreat the cock with bite wounds an a “scrotum squeezed” purple color…
You can load a tattoo on each of the eleven tones, and its design is the pattern of a leathery bonus “glove”.
Last but not least, tons of reflectivity options have been included, in order to fine-tune the wet look of the genitalia…


Required Product:Dicktator For Genesis 8 Male

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