Phx Nasiri HD and Necklace for Genesis 8 Male

Phx Nasiri HD and Necklace for Genesis 8 Male

Phx Nasiri HD and Necklace for Genesis 8 Male

Nasiri is a man for all seasons, a custom character with fibermesh hair and a necklace crafted for Genesis 8 Male(s), optimized for Iray. He uses the “original” Uber shading system.

With a custom head, body, navel, Adam’s Apple, iris concave morph, teeth, HD sculpt, and more, he’s a definite step away from the default figure.

He has a unique skin with various areas of birthmarks, moles, etc., sourced from detailed photographs of a single individual, to make him all the more real.

With options to raise or lower skin shine, change translucency strength, and adjust the level of his normal and displacement maps, a full back tattoo, and a geoshell eyeliner/eyeshadow option in 3 colors with 2 styles for each, you have the ability to create striking differences that make him appear like another character entirely.

Nasiri comes with several Fibermesh options. He has one set of brows meant to enhance his painted brow texture and a stand-alone set, a goatee to enhance one of his painted hair facial options (or use as a standalone item), scruff, a thinner, wispy beard, torso hair (with a utility to hide the lower area if used with pants), arm hair, and leg hair (with a hide utility for the upper legs if used with longer shorts). There are 4 hierarchical material presets for each attachment and files to apply the same color scheme to all hairs at once.

In addition to those options, he has a dForce necklace that can also be used on Genesis 8 Females. There are 5 themed materials for the necklace and pendant. However, mixing and matching is always an option for even more variety.

To make customizing this character easy, included are 1-click solutions for changing Translucency Strength, turning Normal/Displacement Maps on and off and at 50% strength, setting him to the correct SubD level when using his HD options, and removing the LIE tattoo.

Get Phx Nasiri HD and Necklace for Genesis 8 Male(s) and watch your new favorite all-in-one character come to life in your scenes today!

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