Multiscope Bundle (NLA)


If you’ve ever owned a Spirograph or a kaleidoscope, you’ll know the hours of fun and spectacular effects that can be achieved when simple or complex shapes are repeated in 2d. The multiscope lets you do that in Poser, except now you can play with your image in 3d space.

The multiscope uses twenty layers of an image, with 62 morphs to rotate, distort, scale, and move the different layers. Using an individual morph with a value of one does what it says on the label, but the fun starts when you use several at once or different values to create an unlimited variety of strange and warped shapes; when used in combination the morphs react in unexpected ways! The morphs are all listed below, and there are twenty-three pose files to get you started.
This bundle includes the following packs:
Multiscope base figure, including thirty special effects to load
Weird Wings: Eight stunning fractal wing sets in a variety of colours give forty effects to play with in the Multiscope.
Fantastic Fauna: Nine fractal life forms in a variety of colours give forty-three textures for the Multiscope. These are beautiful on their own, but in the Multiscope you can rotate, twist and distort them to create new works of art
Fantastic Flora: Seven pieces of flora in a variety of stunning colours give thirty new options for the Multiscope. Populate alien jungles or seabeds with beautiful fractal flora.
Spellcaster: Fill your scenes with a total of two hundred magical shimmering effects.
Inside the Ride Bring an industrial flavour to the Multiscope with thirty mechanically themed textures and transparencies.


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