Legionnaire for Genesis 3 Male

Legionnaire for Genesis 3 Male

Legionnaire for Genesis 3 Male
An historical armor, perhaps the most iconic ancient warrior... the Roman Legionnaire. This set is a type of armor that was common through the entire span of Roman history, the Lorica Hamata, or chain mail. This kit would be appropriate for both regular legion or auxiliaries, from the days of the republic through to the fall of the western empire in the fifth century.

Wearable presets are provided for Genesis 3 Male, Michael 7, and Dante 7. Other figures are supported by auto-follow, though the scabbards of the sidearms may need manual adjusting to meet the baldric straps. Several poses are also provided, along with smart props for gladius (short sword,) pilum (javelin,) and pugio (dagger). Two different presets are also provided for the scutum (shield) in either carry or battle position.

The gladius and pugio sidearms are best equipped via a wearable preset, which will position them correctly. It's then easier to reposition them if autofollow results in them being positioned too far off the figure.

Standing at attention
Throwing pilum (javelin)

Smart props
Pilum right hand
Pilum right hand throwing
Gladius (sword) right hand
Pugio (dagger) right hand
Scutum (shield) right hand in carry position
Scutum right hand battle position

Textures are designed for iRay but will also render with 3Delight.


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