Juliana is a creature of the night, a siren of seduction, a sexy soul of the shadows. Her ethereal skintones and haunting face are just perfect for all your vamp and undead works of art.


Skin, makeup, lip color, and eye color applications are included for Poser 8 and earlier versions of Poser, and also Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012 versions that include “SSS” in the material settings and take advantage of this option in the render settings. Lots of cool fantasy makeup and lips, eyes, stiletto nail shape, and even a special morph to help Juliana squeeze into the Juliana corset when she decides to wear it.

Juliana Morphs

* Juliana Face INJ-REM
* Juliana Body INJ-REM
* Juliana Corset Morph

Juliana Skin, Makeup, Etc.

* Juliana Default Skin (Head and Body)
* Juliana Default Skin + SSS (Head and Body)
* 10 Makeup Applications
* 10 Makeup Applications + SSS
* 6 Lip Color Applications
* 6 Lip Color Applications + SSS
* 11 Eye Color Applications
* 11 Eye Color Applications + SSS
* 5 Eye Reflections
* 2 Lashes
* 9 Nail Color Applications
* Nail Morph Long Length
* Nail Morph Def Length
* Nail Morph Extra Long
* Nail Morph Square Shape
* Nail Morph Def Shape
* Nail Morph Stiletto Shape

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy Juliana!


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