Horror of the Asylum

Horror of the Asylum

Horror of the Asylum
This is a Daz 3D model of a Horror of the Asylum.

What’s Included and Features
Horror of the Asylum: (.DUF)
Complete Preload Set
Single Props:
HOA Building 1
HOA Building 2
HOA Ceiling
HOA Corridor Walls
HOA Door 1
HOA Door 2
HOA Door 3
HOA Door 4
HOA Door 5
HOA Door 6
HOA Door 7
HOA Door 8
HOA Door 9
HOA Door 10
HOA Door 11
HOA Door 12
HOA Floor
HOA Lightings
HOA North Door 1
HOA North Door 2
HOA South Door 1
HOA South Door 2
HOA Warm Light
HOA Water Pipes
HOA Water
HOA Wheel Chair
Textures Include
21 Texture, Bump, Specular and Normal Maps (900 x 675 to 2780 x 2253)


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