Hairs for V4 – Mega Pack – 625 items with promos

Hairs for V4 – Mega Pack – 625 items with promos

Hairs for V4 – Mega Pack – 625 items with promos

More oldies that are still having their place in the DAZ/Poser world! Here is a total of 625 V4 hair items all including minimum one promo picture.

The folder is “open”, i e you can download individual items = you don’t have to download all 53 GB…

To know if this is of any interest for you, here is a folder with one promo pic each for all the items: PROMOs preview folder

The full list:

70s headscarf
70s Headscarf – SilkyKnots
Aaliyah Hair
Actual Hair 2 Bundle
Actual Hair V4
Addition HairStyles
Adriana Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Afro Magic 1 for V4 and G1
Afro Magic 2
Afrodesiac – Addictive
Afrodesiac Hair V4-A4-G4
Aiko 4 Long Hair + Addon Dye 4
Alanis Hair
Alanis Hair – Mane Concern
Alanis Hair – PHC
Alisha Rasta Hair for V4 and G2F
Alkyone – Charmed
Alkyone – ToXic
Alkyone Hair
Alkyone Hair – 10 Styles – free -source sharecg
Alrisha Hair for V4
Amarseda Hair
Amber – Rainbow
Amber – ToXic
Amber Hair for V4
Amber Hair for Victoria 4, Genesis 2 Female(s) and Genesis 3 Female(s)
Ametrine Hair
Ametrine Hair – Candy
Amie – Touchable
Amphitrite – Surreal
Amy – ToXic
Amzaric Hair V4-A4-G4
Anastasia Hair for V4 and G2
Andy Hair
Angelina Hair
Angie Hair – Colors
Angie Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Anime Ponytail – Candy
Anime Ponytail Hair V4,Dawn,M4 and Gen2
Anne Hair and OOT Hairblending
Anny Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Anya Curls
Apollonia Hair V4
Arabella Hair for Everybody
Ariadne Hair
Ariana Hair and OOT Hairblending
Arianna Hair
Audrina Hair
Aurillac – AM Lovely Hairtextures
Aurillac – PHC
Aurillac Hair
Babs Tales
Babs Tales – ToXic
Bad Girl – ToXic
Balana Hair V4-A4-G4
Bandua – ToXic
Bandua Hair & Touchable Bandua
Baroness – Candy
Baroness Hair – Colors
Baroness Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Beachclub Hair – V4 G2F
Beautiful Black HairStyles
Belinda Hair – V4 G2F G3F
Belle Arum Hair
Berlin 1931 – PHC
Berrit – ToXic
Berrit Hair
Betty Hair – V4 G2F G3F
Bibi – Touchable
Billie Hair
Biscuits Amie Hair
Biscuits Bibi Hair
Biscuits Bika Hair V4
Biscuits Esme Hair
Biscuits Gemi Hair
Biscuits Kiva Hair
Biscuits Lemon Hair
Biscuits Partial Hair Fronts
Blaze – Candy
Blaze – Touchable
Blaze Hair
Blissful Hair G8V4 and La Femme
Bo Peep Hair for V4
Boho – Touchable
Bolina Hair
Breathe – ToXic
Bridgette – Candy
Bridgette Hair
Bridgette Hair – ShoXoloR
Brie – ToXic
Brie The Cute Vampire Hair
Brooke Hair
Brooke Hair Dream Collection
Buenaventura – Touchable
Buenaventura Hair
Cailin Hair G2G3V4
Cailin Hair Iray Texture XPansion
Calais Hair for V4 & Genesis
Caliana – Candy
Caliana – Touchable
Caliana Hair
Caliana Hair – Toxic
Cameo Hair
Capucine Hair (G2F, V4, A4)
Capucine Hair – ShoXoloR
Capucine Hair Color
Caribbean Hair V4, A4, G4, A2
Caribbean Queen – ToXic
Caribbean Queen Hair
Cat’s Meow – Touchable
Cats Meow Hair
Cats Meow Hair – Colors
Cece Hair and OOT Hairblending
CeCe Veil Hair
CeCe Veil Hair – Colors
Celestial Hair V4
Champagne Hair for V4
Cheerleader Hair for V4
Chelsea Hair
Chic Hair – Colors
Chocolate Hair
Christalle – ToXic
Christalle Hair
Christina Hair
Christine – Candy Hattie
Cinnia – Touchable
Cinnia Hair – Color
Cinnia Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
CityDove Hair
CitySwan Hair
Classic Rolled Hair for Genesis + V4
Clio – Revamped
Clio Hair
Coco – Character & Hair
Coiffure Celeste Hairstyle
Cosmic Hair
Crazy Locks – Touchable
Cupid – ToXic
Curly Hair for Women
Cyber Goth Falls V4
Danielle – Candy
Danielle Hair for Genesis 2 Females and V4
Daria Hair (Female)
Darkness Hair for V4 and G2
Darya Hair and OOT Hairblending
Deeta – ToXic
Deja Vu – Touchable
DejaVu – ToXic
DejaVu Colors – Real Hair and Styles for DejaVu Hair
DejaVu Hair
Delia Hair
Delphia Hair
Desir – Candy
Destiny Curls
Diahme Hair
Dione Hair for V4
Diva Hair V4
Doll Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Dragon Corona Hair
Dragon Corona Hair – ShoXoloR
DragonFly Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Dreaded Ponytail Hair G2F & V4
Dryades – Naturally Nereid
Dryades – ToXic
Dryades Hair
Dynamic Venus Hair
Effa – Candy
Effa – Color Addon
Effa – PHC
Effa Hair – Mane Concern
Effa Hair for V4 and G2
Eirene – Candy
Eirene – PHC
Eirene – To Dye For
Eirene – ToXic
Eirene Hair
Elisha – ToXic
Ella Ella Hair PLUS v4
Eloiny Hair – Hairlicious
Eloiny Hair – ShoXoloR
Eloiny Hair – So Fabulous
Eloiny Hair PLUS for Victoria 4 and Genesis 2 Female(s)
Elven Desire – ToXic
Elven Desire Hair
EM knothair – V4
Embrace Hair Pak
Emesta Hair V4 Genesis
Emilee Hair V4, A4, G4, Alyson 2
Emirain Hair
End of Summer – To Dye For
End of Summer Hair
End of Summer Hair – Colors
End Of Summer Hair – Style Theory
Esidor Hair
Esidor Hair – Surreal
Esme Hair – Touchable
Eternal Kyra Hair
Eve – Character and Hair
Evelyn Hair 2.0 – V4 Base
Fantastica – ToXic
Fantastica Hair
Feliciana Hair V4 Uniprops
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Filippa – ToXic
Filippa Hair
Filosofy Hair
FK Rapsody Hair
Flirty – Candy
Flirty Hair
Flirty Hair – Colors
Florida Hair
Forest Princess – ToXic
Forest Princess Hair
Frovida – ToXic
Frovida Hair
Galatea – Charmed
Galatea – Surreal
Galatea – ToXic
Galatea Hair
Galatea Hair – Twizted
Garden Party Hair – Colors
Gema Hair for V4 and G2
Gemi – Touchable
Gemi Hair – NHC Expansion
Geve Hair
Gloria Short Hairstyle
Glorious Hair V4
Good Ol Girls – Natural HC
Good Ol’ Girls
Gregoria – ToXic
Gregoria Hair
Guilty – ToXic
Guilty Hair
Gwenith Hair and Gwenith Hair Shades
Gypsy Hair
Gypsy Hair – ShoXoloR
Gypsy Love Hair V4,A4,G4 and Genesis
Hanna Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Harlow Hair
Harmony Hair
Heartbeat Hair
Helena – ToXic
Helena Hair
Helena Hair – Color It!
Helena Hair – ShoXoloR
High Priestess Hair for V4
Holly Hair for V4
Honey Crisp – Candy
Honey Crisp Hair
Hongyu Hair 2010 – Bargain Bin
Hongyu’s Hair 2010
Hongyu’s Hair 2010 – Colorize
Hongyus Hair 2010 – ShoXoloR
Hope – Colors
Hope Hair for V4 and G2 by SWAM
Hoshi Character and Hair for Genesis+V4
Hoshi Hair and Character for Genesis+V4
Hr-009 – R2
Hr-046 – Long Ways
Hr-060 – New Color by FantastArt
Hr-075 – Touchable
Hr-092 – PHC
Hr-101 – Touchable
Hr-113 – PHC
Hr-126 – Candy
Hr-126 – PHC
Hr-127 – Candy
Hr-127 – Punked
Hr-129 – Candy
Hr-130 – Candy
Hr-132 – Candy
Hr-133 – PHC
Hr-133 – Touchable
Hr-137 – PHC
HR-138 – Candy
Hr-138 – PHC
Hr-138 – Touchable
Hr-140 – Candy
Hr-140 – To dye for
HR-142 – Candy
HR-143 – Touchable
Hr-144 – Touchable
Hr-148 – PHC
Hr-168 – Touchable
Hr-172 – Touchable
Hr-174 – Touchable
Ibby Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Icie Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Iggy Hair – Colors
Iggy Hair – V4
Ildiko Dancer Hair
Ilsa Hair V4 G2F
Indulgence – ToXic
Isabel Hair
IsaBelle – ToXic
IsaBelle Hair
IsaBelle Hair XPansion
Ishtar Bundle for V4
J Lol Renaissance Hair
Janna Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Jaythen Hair V4, A4, G4 & Cookie
Jazmine Hair for V4 G2F G3F
Jena Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Jenny – Candy
Jillian Hair for V4
Jinaya Hair
Juliet Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
June Hair for G3 G8 and LaFemmeV4
Kalaya Hair V4 A4 G4
Kandy Hair
Kandy Hair XPansion
Karissa – Touchable
Katharina Hair
Katharina Hair Iray Texture XPansion
Katrina Hair
Kelly – ToXic
Kelsie – Candy
Kelsie Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Kiana Hair for V4A4
Kinley – Touchable
Kione Hair
KiriTe Hair II
KiriTe II – Touchable
Kishka Hair
Kitten Hair V4
Kiva Hair – V4, G2F, G3F
Kleo Dread Falls
Lada Hair
Lada Hair – ToXic
Laval Hair for V4 Genesis G2F
Layla Hair – Candy
Layla Hair – V4
Legacie Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s), Genesis 3 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Leiko – ToXic
Leiko Hair
Leiko Hair – PHC Natural
Lemon – Touchable
Liana – ToXic
Liana Hair
Lilyanne Hair – V4, G2F
Lina Hair – Candy
Lina Hair and OOT Hairblending
Little Melody – ToXic
Little Melody Hair
Little Red V4 Bundle – Character, Hair, Outfit
LittleStar Extras
Lola Lemora & Outfit Bundle for V4
Loreley – ToXic
Loreley Hair
Loreley Hair – ShoXoloR
Lost Dreamer Hair V4
Loyce – ToXic
Lua UpDo
Lua Updo – Vibrant
Lucrezia Locks – Expansion
Lucrezia Locks for V3-V4
Luisa Hair and OOT Hairblending
Lumen Hair
Luna Fairy Hair
Luna Hair – V4, G2F
Lydia Hair for V4
Lynn Hair
Lysithea – ToXic
Mademoiselle Hair
Madita Hair
Maggy Hair and OOT Hairblending
Maria Hair and OOT Hairblending
Marielle Hair
Marina – ToXic
Marina Hair
Marisandra Hair
Martini Nights Martini Bun Hair Only
Medea Hair ADD-ON V4, G2f
Medea Hair for Victoria4
Mellany Hair
Melody Hair
Melody Hair – ShoXoloR
Micaela Hair
Midnight Hour Hair V4
Midnight Queen Hair
Minta Hair for V4 and G2
Miranda – Candy
Miranda Hair and OOT Hairblending
Mistress Hair
MoonBeam – ToXic
Moonbeam Hair
MoonShadow – ToXic
Moonsong – ToXic
MoonSong hair – PHC Natural
Mystic Story for Long Story Hair for V4
Nabia – PHC Natural
Nabia Elegance
Nabia Hair
Nannette – Candy
Nannette Hair 71354
Natasha – Candy
Natasha Hair and OOT Hairblending
Natural 3 in 1 Ponytail – PHC
Natural Riva Updo – PHC
Neomi – ToXic
Neomi hair – PHC
Neomi Hair for V4
Nicki Hair and OOT Hairblending
Nicole – ToXic
Nicole Hair
Nicole Hair – Expansion
Nini Hair – Colors
Nini Hair for V4 and G2
NJA Ponytail – Candy
NJA Ponytail Hair
Noemie HairStyle
Nova – ToXic
November Hair for V4
NoX Hair
Nox Hair – Twizted
Nymph Hair V4 A4
Ocean Wave – Candy
Odango – Candy
Odango Hair V4
Ony Braids Hair V4
Orianne Hair – Iray
Ourania Hair
Paris 65 Hair
Paris Tail Hair for V4 and G2
PeggyTails hair
Penny – ToXic
Penny Hair – Colors
Penny Hair – Expanded for V4
Penny Hair – ToXic
Penny Hair for V4
Pepper Hair
Peppermint Hair
Pinque Curls – MsTexture for BK
Pinque Curls DS – ShoXoloR
Pinque Curls Hair
Portia Hair
Posh Hair
Power Hair
Prae Ruester – Color
Prae Ruester – V4
Prae-Avenza Hair
Prae-Emerie Hair For V4 Poser
Prae-MaryLou Hair
Prae-Nuada Hair V4 Poser
Prae-Ruester – Candy
Prae-Ruester Hair
Prae-Ruester Hair – Colorme
PrimRose Hair – Twizted
PrimRose Hair V4 K4
Princess Tails Hair Set
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Pure Hair Charming
Pyrit Hair
Ramos Hair V4-A4-G4
Rapsody – PLUS
Rapsody – ToXic
Retro Headscarf and Hair for V4A4
Rockstar – ToXic
Rogue Tails
Rogue Tails – Toxic
Romantica braid
Ronya Hair
Ronya Hair Iray Texture XPansion
Rose Curls
Rose Hair V4, G2, G3
Sansa – Nature Expansion
Sansa Hair
Sansa Hair – ToXic
Sapphire Fox Hair – Dreamy Morphs and Styles
Sapphire Fox Hair – Touchable
Sapphire Fox Hair – V4
Sapphire Hair Iray Texture XPansion
Sapphire Hair V4, G3F
Sasa Hair
Sassy Classy Hair for V4
SAV 1984 Hair
SAV Alpha Hair
SAV Aphana + Bonus – PHC
SAV Aphana hair
SAV Good Ol Girls – Natural HC
SAV Good Ol Girls Hair
Sayasha Hair
Sayuri Hair
Scarlet Nights Hair V4
Scissor – Touchable
Selina Hair for Genesis 2 and 3 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Sexy Pigtails Hair V4, G2F, G3F
Shaina Hair
Short Ponytail – Touchable
Side Tail Hair
Silo – ToXic
Silo Hair V4-A4-G4
Solange hair – PHC
Solange Hair and Hair Combs
Sonia – PHC
Spanish Updo
Sporty Pigtails G2F – V4 – Vibrant
Sporty Pigtails Hair and OOT Hairblending
Stella Hair
StoryBrook – Candy
StoryBrook Hair – PHC
Stylez Alicia Hair
Sultry Hair
Sultry Hair – Colors
Summer Character and Hair
Super Updo Hair Pack
Super Updo XPansion Pack
Synful Mindz – Shave Me
Tama – Addictive
Tammy Hair for V4 G2F G3F
Tandy Hair for V4
Tatiana Hair
Tatiana Hair – To Dye For
Tau Hair For V4M4
Taylor – ToXic
Taylor Hair (Iray)
Tears Hair
Tears Hair – Colors
Tequila Hair M4+V4
Titi Hair – OOT V4
Toby Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Trixie – ToXic
Trixy Hair – Colors
TroyAnne – Candy
TroyAnne Hair
Tsukiakari Hair
Twyla Hair V4
Uma – Addictive
Uma – ToXic
Uma Hair for V4
Uzuri – ToXic
Vanilla Hair
Venus – ToXic
Verona Hair
Verona Hair EXP Pak
Victress Hair
Vidal Braids – ShoXoloR
Violet – Touchable
Violet Hair and Pin-Up Earrings Collection
Virgenie Hair
Wedding UpDo Hair V4 A4 G4 S4 A2 & Anastasia
Wild Orchid – Candy
Wild Orchid – ToXic
Wild Orchid Hair
Wild Orchid Hair – Colors
Wild Orchid Hair – ShoXoloR
Wild Waves Hair and OOT Hairblending
Willow – Candy
Windsong – ToXic
Winter Princess – Touchable
Xylia Double French Braids
Yasmin Hair + OOT Hairblending
Zea Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Zeony Hair
Zeony Hair – Textures
ZippityDo Hair
ZippityDo Hair – PHC
Zoey Hair V4, G2F, G3F

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