Gou Luk Bundle

Gou Luk Bundle

Gou Luk Bundle


In a parallel world, Gou Luk and Pei fought monsters side by side in the militia.

Now, the war has ended, leaving behind the broken cities and the disgusting businesses that only neon lights can cover up.

Gou Luk and Pei have been separated for many years. The last time Pei saw her she looked like a tomboy, but now…

Gou Luk is ready for all sorts of mischief!

So you get to plan Gou Luk’s next adventure!
What’s Included and Features

Gou Luk Bundle
Character Preset with and without Brows
RN Gou Luk FullBody Apply
Head Apply/Remove
Body Apply/Remove
Gou Luk’s Anatomy
5 RN Gou Luk Eyebrows
3 RN Gou Luk Real Eyelashes
Material Presets
RN Gou Luk Full Body MAT Traditional
RN Gou Luk Full Body MAT Newest
RN Gou Luk New Mouth Textures
RN Gou Luk Normals Default
RN Gou Luk Normals Strong
RN Gou Luk Normals Weaker
RN Gou Luk Face Glossy
Make up Presets
5 Mori Full Face Makeup Presets
5 Harajuku Full Face Makeup Presets
Detailed Layered Make ups
61 Mori Presets
66 Harajuku Presets
Eyes Color
Gou Luk Realistic Eyeball
7 Eye Colors
6 Shell Eyes Reflections
19 Eye Shadow Presets
11 Eyebrow Style Presets
10 Eyelash Style Presets
29 Lip Presets
28 Tattoo Presets
3 Cosmetic Contact Lens Presets
Gou Luk’s Accessories
RN Angels Of War
RN Bullet 01
RN Bullet 02
RN Eyes Pearls Decorations
RN Nose Ring
RN the Iron Maiden
RN the Iron
RN the Jail
RN the Slayer
RN Wheels Of Fate
23 Material Presets for Accessories
Gou Luk’s Outfits
RN Dark Blooms Dress
RN Juniors Pants
RN Night Walkers Shoes
RN Old PaPa Sneakers
RN Petite Traveler Bag
RN Short Socks 8D
RN Women Top Wear(with 5 Torn Version Wearables)
65 Outfit Material Options
Gou Luk’s Hair
58 Hair Style Presets
22 Hair Shape Presets
9 Hair Colors Presets
Textures Included:
723 Color, Normals, Bumps and Roughness Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz studio Iray Materials Presets


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