Evil Boardroom

Evil Boardroom

Evil Boardroom
The evil boardroom – who will be there? You can find turned agents, mafia, evil organizations playing west against east – even the illuminati! This room of highly polished wood features broad, open windows and walkway for henchman above. A steel framed euro style open fireplace with logs provides heating. Villains plot world domination on a world map (or a globe found nearby) and a high tech overhead projector can display images from the rogue satellite. Each spot on the table itself sports a late 60’s high technology panel – a spypad – for nefarious purposes. With the R2 release, now features the grand master’s chair, leather couches and a full, 1960s style bar.

villain’s chair, bar, villain’s control board, projection board, chair, fireplace hood, couch, fireplace platform, globe, jalouse, projector, stool, table, wood , main building


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