Eternity Bundle

Eternity Bundle

Eternity Bundle
A bundle containing three products ...

BRC Eternity, the base product, features a weathered crypt that can be used to host rituals, resurrections, wedding receptions or whatever else you have in mind. The set includes the Eternity crypt, adjustable doors, an outer fence (which can be customized) and a set of pots.

Beautiful Darkness: The trysting place of succubi and incubi, the resting place of They-That-Sleep-by-Day, a little morbid, a little dismal, and oh! so romantic.

Eternal Night: A dark, moody scene made specifically for the Eternity building. Import the Eternity building into this Bryce scene to use as a starting point, then add your own figures to complete the picture. Of course, you're not limited to using the Eternity building: feel free to use it with other props that need a sinister setting. Scene includes trees, grass, ground terrain, and fires.

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