EJ Tiara Collection for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Tiara Collection for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Tiara Collection for Genesis 8 Female(s)
EJ Tiara Collection is a collection of 5 different kinds of head jewelry that can be used as tiaras, crowns, or circlets. Each one of them is inspired in lands of fantasy, and you can customize them with the many full material presets included, partial material presets for the different jewels and metals, and also options to hide some parts.

Tiara Collection is a must have for all your fantasy renders, and other themes like medieval, queens, princesses, heroes, weddings, or the creation of any beautiful or appealing scene. Tiaras take your characters and renders to a new level of detail, and intensify the beauty of the face and the fantastic or heroic look of your characters.

To use these jewels as crowns, you just have to use one of the Tiara Style morphs (except Antillia’s Dancer that is a forehead tiara because of the chains). One of the dials sets the position for standard hair, and the other sets it closer in hairs of less volume. This way they will look great on most hairs. Of course you can fine tune their position using the dials and other morphs if needed.

All the tiaras have adjustment morphs to fit them to any character head shape, and also some style morphs that control the shape and movement of the tiara. There are also premade fits for for Victoria 8, Zelara 8, Aiko 8, The Girl 8, and Teen Josie 8. You can adapt the tiara to any other head using the morphs and the position dials that are fine tuned for easier use.

Each Tiara has different morphs to customize them. For example, in Antillia’s Dancer you can move each one of the chains in every direction independently of the others, which gives you realism in posing, and you can also set the height size of the head part. It’s also possible to hide each one of the chains independently, giving you many possible appearances for many renders. The many material presets change the different metal sets, and the jewels. In Empress of Atlantis, you can mix and match the metals of the swirls and the base of the tiara, and also hide the small jewels, and set the height size of the full tiara. The same happens with Heart of Avalon: you can chose the metal of the heart and the rest of the tiara independently, and also hide the pendant or make it smaller, and set the height size. In Lemuria’s Crown the possibilities include setting the borders, the center, and the jewels, and using morphs that make the crown’s height bigger or smaller, make the peaks more or less big, making the lower curves more or less curved, and change the crown shape making it lower and rounded or closer to the nose and more warrior-like. In Princess of Thule, you can hide the small jewels, leaving only the central one, and set the jewels stone, and the metal of the tiara.

These Tiaras are made for Genesis 8 Female(s) but as they are smart props, they can be fitted to characters of other generations and mostly all figures using the morphs and dials.


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