Dystopia Office Pack 1

Dystopia Office Pack 1

Dystopia Office Pack 1
A collection of office equipment that will help clutter up just about any interior environment. Includes furniture, file cabinets, lamps, computer equipment, comm unit, and writing board. Everything has both used and new textured versions.

What’s Included and Features

Work Desk Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Hide-able Front Panel

Task Chair Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Adjustable Seat And Armrests

Pedestal Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •3 Movable Drawers

3 File Cabinet Figures (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Movable And Hide-able Doors, Drawers And Shelving

Writing Board Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •6 Body Parts
•Can Be Folded Into Wall-Mount Position

2 Lamp Figures (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Multiple Moving Parts

VDO Comm Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •3 Body Parts

Monitor Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Adjustable Monitor And Support

Monitor Bank Figure (.CR2 and .OBJ) •Movable Clamp
•Adjustable Monitors And Supports
•Stack-able Components

2 Computer Block Props (.PP2 and .OBJ)
Keyboard Prop (.PP2 and .OBJ)
Input Device Prop (.PP2 and .OBJ)
Used And New Textured Versions Of Everything
Textures •12 Texture and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
•15 Texture and Bump Maps (1024 x 1024)
•03 Texture Maps (1024 x 768)
•03 Texture and Bump Maps (512 x 512)


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